Why the Peloton Tread Is Perfect for Every Type of Runner


Why the Peloton Tread Is Perfect for Every Type of Runner

There’s a workout for every skill level.

By Amy Gurvitz October 20, 2021

Whether you’re working your way up to a mile or training for yet another 26.2, the Peloton Tread is the treadmill for you. Speed demons can crank the pace up to a blistering 12.5 miles per hour, while climbers can set the incline as high as 12.5 percent. Beginners can start with a five-minute intro class, while endurance runners can challenge themselves with hour-long classes stacked back to back to back. No matter what type of runner you are, and which classes you take, motivating instructors and fellow Peloton Members will be running alongside you, step by step.

If you’re new to the Peloton Tread, here are some tips, plus a few testimonials from Tread runners of every level.

If You’re a Beginner

While you might be tempted to go all-out on run number one, resist the urge to overdo it and instead start with one of more than 175 on-demand runs that are 10 minutes or less. Or, take a Walk + Run class that combines intervals of walking and jogging. As you gain experience, improve your running technique and build cardiovascular endurance, level up to a 20-minute fun run or try our 8-week You Can Run Program that will progress you all the way up to a 45-minute endurance run. In every class, the Peloton Tread tracks your distance and total output so you can see how you improve.

“When I first started, I chose beginner classes and still do them, because they are great classes and you can adjust them for your skill level. They’re a great confidence builder. I never thought of myself as a runner and the Peloton Tread has been a game changer for me.” —Julie B. (#BikerBish), Nashville, Tennessee

If You’re an Intermediate Runner

As you find your running groove, join our monthly run challenges and earn badges as you complete 10, 25 and 40 miles per month. If you’re ready to train for a 5K, start our 6-week Road to 5K Program that combines running and strength classes to prep your whole body for the race. With daily live classes that range from 20 to 60 minutes and thousands of on-demand classes, there’s always something new for you to try. Challenge yourself with intervals classes and hill runs where you can quickly add speed and incline with the Tread’s signature jump buttons.

“When I first got my Peloton Tread, my plan was to only walk. As I started taking classes, I found the instructors’ energy and playlists very motivating. Before I knew it, I was jogging and running more than I was walking in my classes. I now love to run on my Tread, and there are still times I say to myself, ‘I cannot believe I am actually running.’” —Mishanda F. (#missladytravels), Los Angeles, California

If You’re an Advanced Runner

Hit the ground running with a 45- or 60-minute run, or create a stack of several 30-minute runs to get your miles in. If you’re training for a marathon, get race-ready with our 18-week Road to 26.2 Program that focuses on building both physical and mental readiness to prepare you for your big day. To add distance to your weekly workouts, try our endurance and progression runs, or choose intervals runs to focus on building speed. Use the Peloton Tread’s Leaderboard to push your limits and challenge yourself as you run your way to the top.

“I never ran much longer than 20 mins before getting a Peloton Tread. Now I amaze myself by being able to run and keep up during 45- and 60-minute classes, six or seven days a week. The music and the instructors’ storytelling make the time fly by! I never thought of myself as an athlete or a runner, but now feel like I’m both.” —Gaby M. (#GabyBioHackrMom), Daly City, California