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Peloton team members engaging in conversation and eating meals at tables in an office dining area.

Impact and Inclusion

At Peloton, we’re on a mission to help everyone become the best version of themselves, while also striving to be the best company we can be. From encouraging people to find their power through movement and wellness, to taking action to protect the planet—we’re all on a shared journey of growth.

Our approach to impact

We’re focused on creating inclusive workplaces for our teams, breaking down barriers to physical and mental well-being in our communities, and taking action to become a more environmentally sustainable business.

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Our people

We are focused on supporting the well-being of our people and fostering a culture where they are encouraged to be their most authentic selves. We're investing in physical and mental health resources, employing equitable practices, and empowering our people to be agents of change at work and in the world.

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Our community

We’re using our platform and business to enable a more inclusive, equitable, and healthy society. We’re committed to nurturing a sense of belonging for all and reducing barriers to physical and mental well-being through our products, content, and community partnerships.

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Our planet

We’re accelerating efforts to tackle our greatest environmental impacts, from setting science-based emissions reduction targets and advancing circularity across our product, packaging, and service offerings to sourcing renewable energy for our operations.

The Peloton Pledge

Our “living blueprint” to cultivate holistic inclusion for our teams and communities.

 Cover page of Peloton’s 2023 ESG Report featuring a Peloton member smiling while riding a Bike and the text “Peloton ESG Report 2023”


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