Why You Should Combine  Cardio + Strength Training, According To Peloton Instructors

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Why You Should Combine Cardio + Strength Training, According To Peloton Instructors

How Peloton’s new Tread and Bike+ are bringing total-body training home.

By Team PelotonSeptember 9, 2020

At Peloton, we believe in a well-rounded approach to fitness: however you’re working out with us, we want you to build your foundation on a combination of cardio and strength training. That’s why our instructors are so excited about the all-new Peloton Bike+ and Peloton Tread, which bring you two new ways to access world-class cardio and strength workouts from home. While the Peloton Bike and Tread+ have always been so much more than just cycling and running machines, our new additions make it easier than ever to immerse yourself in an interactive, total-body fitness experience, in any amount of space.

To celebrate, we’re launching a highly-requested Bike Bootcamp class designed to help our Peloton Bike Members discover the limitless extent of their abilities. “Welcome to the world of Bootcamp!” says Peloton Director of Strength Rebecca Kennedy. “It’s an incredibly effective workout and efficient use of time. These intense workouts bring the best of worlds into one workout that will make you stronger and leave you incredibly sweaty, feeling confident and proud,” she continues. For Peloton instructor Jess Sims, who teaches both Bike and Tread Bootcamps, this style of training is all about making the most of your time. She says, “we all lead very busy lives and can [sometimes] only get 30 minutes to ourselves in a day. Now you don't have to choose! We have both cardio and strength in one very sweaty and powerful session!”

We think everyone should have a chance to experience that post-workout feeling. Whatever equipment you’re working out on, you’re in luck—Bootcamp on the Bike and Tread, plus all of our cardio and strength class offerings, are there for you on your App or touchscreen whenever it’s time to get your sweat on. Here, Rebecca and UK Cycling instructor Ben Alldis share why a cardio and strength pairing should be the cornerstone of your fitness, and how our new products can help you get there.

Mix It Up Right

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At some point, we’ve all wondered whether there’s a “best” way to structure a training plan throughout a week. Which classes should I take? How long should my workouts be? How many recovery days do I need? While our Peloton instructors all have their own personal approaches and philosophies, they’ll agree on one thing: “The best workout programs include a dose of strength and a dose of cardio,” says Ben. “Cardio exercise helps improve your body’s ability to deliver blood and oxygen to your muscles, strengthening your heart and lungs. Strength training, on the other hand, helps you build muscles that support you in your everyday life and boosts your metabolism,” he continues. The benefits are reciprocal—not only does weight training strengthen your cycling and running (and vice versa), it also builds you up to tackle those functional, day-to-day movements.

Combining cardio and strength workouts in your routine taps into all the ways your body can output power, including improved overall cardio capacity, learning how to work hard under fatigue, increasing your fitness level and building strength via a full body experience, says Rebecca, who is passionate about strength training with both dumbbells and bodyweight. Ben agrees, adding that “a healthy combination of strength and cardio training will allow your body to perform at its best, letting the two systems complement each other rather than compete.” With the ability to access cardio and strength content from any piece of Peloton hardware or the Peloton App, it’s easy to combine these two disciplines together.

Cardio + Strength vs. Cardio, then Strength

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So how does a Bootcamp workout differ from completing a ride or a run followed by a strength class? The answer lies within our instructors’ class programming. “The programming in a Bootcamp all flows together,” says Rebecca. “Our instructors carefully program the runs and strength training to complement one another, so it is a cohesive, well-thought-out program.” If you take a cardio class and a strength class independent of one another, they will both be incredible classes but may not complement one another, as anyone who’s followed a tough run or ride with a full-on Glutes & Legs class can attest. “For example, in a Bootcamp, you may focus on unilateral drills or posterior chain focus on the floor specifically to enhance your running, or do squats and anterior core exercises to complement some hills,” says Rebecca. Plus, you’ll keep your heart rate elevated and adrenaline pumping with quick switches between the Bike or Tread and your mat. And before you know it, it’ll be over and you’ll be left planning when you can do it all over again.

Tread Bootcamps and our all-new Bike Bootcamp classes are designed to make you stronger in your discipline of choice. Bike Bootcamp instructor Cody Rigsby describes it as “a fierce total body workout that will push your limits with intense intervals and legendary strength training,” so don’t be surprised if those PRs start becoming more frequent once you make strength training part of your routine!

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Fitter and stronger with the Bike or Tread

The Peloton Tread has always been the ultimate all-in-one total-body workout, but now Ben is excited for the Bike+ to make head-to-toe training a breeze as well. For starters, Ben notes that “the dynamic rotating touchscreen on the Bike+ will provide a much more seamless experience when it comes to accessing our off-Bike content for an enhanced all-round workout...This alone will mean complementing cardio workouts with a mix of yoga, strength and Bike Bootcamp will be even easier.” But the whole Bike team is looking forward to seeing all our Members make strides thanks to cross-training, whatever their setup. “Members with the current Bike model will still be able to take advantage of these cardio + strength classes (our Bike Bootcamp instructors can show you how). Remember, it's the content and mindset that will keep you challenged and help you get stronger.”

Rebecca can’t wait to welcome a new set of Peloton Tread Members into the family. “Running and strength will change your life,” she raves. “After your first run, you'll be introduced to an entire world that is home to more growth, new challenges, a higher level of fitness and a new place to succeed and learn in.” For Rebecca, working out on the Tread “offers a place to build community and tune out the noise. It is both meditating and motivating.”

Whichever goals you’re chasing down, there’s no place like Peloton to get after it. From the instructors to the community and classes designed to keep you leveling up, we’ll be cheering you on from the start and won’t ever stop!

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