10 Stretches That Will Make Your Next Workout More Effective

By PelotonUpdated October 19, 2020


You've been hitting your workout goals on the regular, but what about your rest-day goals? Incorporating a regular stretching routine will not only provide your body with the recovery it needs but it will also make your next sweat session more effective. Peloton Instructor and Instagram stretching master Hannah Marie Corbin breaks down the best stretches for your workout.

Hips, Glutes and Lower Back

Tightness in the hips and glutes can lead to muscle imbalances and incredible discomfort in your day-to-day life. Finding length here can relieve lower back pain, which will take a load off your mind as well.

Cross-Legged Forward Fold

Hold for 1-3 minutes on each sideFrom a seated position, cross your shins and fold the upper body forward. Breathe.

*Modification-sit on a yoga block/rolled up yoga mat or pillow

Dragon Pose

Hold for 1-3 minutes each sideFrom all fours bring one foot in front into a half lunge. Reach both arms forward on the inside of the front leg and lift up through the waistline. Breathe.

*Modification-use a yoga block or shoebox under each hand

Spinal Twist

Hold for 1 minute on each sideStand to face a chair. Place one foot on the seat of the chair and slowly turn to look over the opposite shoulder directly behind you. Use a wall or railing to assist. Breathe.

Side Body Stretch

Hold for 1 minute on each sideStanding with feet hip-width apart, bring one arm up and over your head, making a "C" shape with the body. Actively reach out past the fingertips. Breathe.


Your legs can be your ultimate powerhouse--or the anchor holding you back from your personal best. Stretching them will not only feel fantastic but will add strength and power to your workouts.

Quad Opener

Hold for 2-4 minutes on each sideSitting on the floor, bend one leg and bring your foot toward your hip. Lean back resting on arms or bring elbows to the ground. Breathe.

*Modification- place a pillow under the bent-leg ankle/place elbows on yoga blocks

Hamstring Lengthener

Hold for 2-4 minutes on each sideFrom a seated position, extend one leg straight and bring one foot to the inside of the straight leg knee (making a "4" shape with the legs). Square off the body and lengthen up to fold forward over the leg. Relax the arms and head. Breathe.

Calf Half-lunge

Hold for 1 minute on each sideStart standing with both palms placed on a wall, counter or railing in front of you. Gently bend one knee while extending the other leg straight behind you. Press the heel toward the ground while keeping your toes facing the wall in front of you. Breathe.

Upper Body

Your shoulders do not belong in your ears! A tight upper body can create a lot of unwanted tension and lead to poor posture. Finding space in it can clear the mind, alleviate headaches and leave you looking tall and strong.


Hold for 30 seconds-1 minuteFrom a standing or kneeling position, clasp hands behind your back and reach away from the butt. Lift your chin gently and make sure to breathe.

*Modification- use a small towel in between your hands.


Hold for 30 seconds - 1 minute on each sideFrom a standing position, place one hand on your shoulder and place the same side elbow on the wall in front of you. Release the head downward and let the armpit fall toward the floor. Breathe.


Hold 30 seconds - 1 minute on each sideStanding, hold both arms out in front. Rotate the thumbs inward and down before bringing the arms back to the back diagonal, leading with the thumbs. Breathe.Tired, tight muscles will only work so hard for you on the Leaderboard. Continue to add these stretches to your routine and allow your body to unwind, release and melt into a new state of calm.

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Loosen up right at the office! Learn Hannah’s go-to work day stretches.