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Everything You Need to Know About Peloton Bike Bootcamp

Everything You Need to Know About Peloton Bike Bootcamp

Our instructors break down this total-body fitness experience.

By Team PelotonUpdated October 22, 2021


  • Bike Bootcamp combines cardio and strength training in one class on the Peloton Bike, Bike+ and the Peloton App.

  • Bike Bootcamp is its own discipline on the Peloton platform and is offered live and on demand.

  • The Peloton Bike+ is the ultimate integrated workout experience, with a brand new rotating touchscreen and upgraded sound bar that make it easier to see and hear your instructors off the Bike, but any Bike owner or app user can enjoy Bike Bootcamp classes.

  • Bike Bootcamp instructors explain how to set up your space for this workout, how to transition on and off the Bike, and why they’re excited to bring you more Bike Bootcamp classes!

Since launching in September 2020, Bike Bootcamp classes have been a hit with Peloton Members everywhere, who have found creative ways to optimize their setup to take classes from their app, TV, Bike or Bike+. We've loved hearing your feedback about these new classes so far, and we've been listening! From November 16, Bike Bootcamp will be its own discipline on the Peloton platform, which means that every class you take will count toward Bike Bootcamp milestones and personal records, rather than cycling. But don't worry—previously-taken classes will not be removed from your class count total!

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Find the new Bike Bootcamp tile on your app, as well as your Bike or Bike+ touchscreen.

And, keep an eye on the schedule for live Bike Bootcamp classes taught by Robin Arzón, Cody Rigsby, Jess Sims, Tunde Oyeneyin and Callie Gullickson. Join the Leaderboard from your Peloton App, Bike or Bike+ for a total-body cardio & strength workout that’s immersive from start to finish — in real-time with your instructors and fellow Members.

Keep reading for more details on Bike Bootcamp and why you should give these ultra-efficient classes a try.

What is Bike Bootcamp?

We know you’re used to clipping in for a ride on your Bike and staying there until your workout is complete, but with Bike Bootcamp, you’ll maximize your time by spending alternating sections of the class hitting cardio intervals on the Bike, and strength work on the floor. As Cody puts it, “it’s a fierce total body workout that will push your limits with intense intervals and legendary strength training.”

Bike Bootcamp is also a different experience from taking a cycling class and a strength class in succession. “The bootcamp is designed to be complementary so that the cardio and strength segments work together to deliver the best full body workout,” says Jess.

How to Set Up Your Space

It’s true that these classes will require a bit more space than your Bike currently occupies, but that’s the beauty of the Bike+; with a rotating touchscreen, you can situate your view to best fit your setup for those floor sections. “I recommend moving the screen 90 degrees and lining the mat up right in front of it - think about making the letter ‘L’ with your Bike and mat,” says Jess. We recommend having medium to heavy dumbbells available to participate in class; you’ll most frequently hear our instructors recommend weights of 10, 15 and 20lbs.

If you’re preparing to get your sweat on with our original Bike, no stress! Cody suggests “having your mat parallel to the Bike but make sure the mat is behind the screen. Be prepared to stand and watch the moves when the instructor is demonstrating it.” As always, your instructors have built the classes with your space in mind to make these workouts accessible to Members in homes of all shapes and sizes. So even if you can’t have eyes on the touchscreen at all times from your mat, Jess says to “just make sure to listen up to all the cues we give you!”

Making Bike Bootcamp Simple

If you’re wondering what it’s going to be like to transition from your cycling shoes into training shoes for the floor sections, you’re not alone—our instructors had the same considerations when designing this new workout experience. “We build time into the workout for this,” says Robin, so it won’t be a scramble to switch from Bike-mode to floor-mode. If there’s one thing Cody wants you to remember, it’s this: “PRESS DOWN ON THE KNOB. Please make sure you have completely pressed the brake so you can safely move off the Bike. There is no rush! Remember it’s your workout, so you are in control.”

Once you’re safely off the Bike, you can change into your shoes for the strength portion of class. Jess recommends “wearing flat, non-running sneakers...When you lift weights you want to be as balanced and grounded to the earth as possible, and sneakers with lots of cushion essentially act like blindfolds to all of the sensory receptors in your feet.”

Our tip for the most successful Bike Bootcamp experience is to have all your equipment ready to go before starting your workout. Your water, towel, shoes, mat and weights should all be within reach but shouldn’t get in your way as you move from Bike to floor and back, notes Robin. Plus, the instructors are right there with you and will provide detailed cues each time for the most seamless changeover.

A New Chapter

All in all, our instructors can’t wait for you to interact with your Bike and their classes in all-new ways, and to be by your side as you push doubt aside and tap into your power. Says Robin, “it’s a new chapter of the Peloton experience.”

For Jess, whose “Saturday 60” 60-minute bootcamp classes on the Tread have become infamous for how simultaneously challenging and fun they are, she’s already bringing that same energy to the Bike: “We all lead very busy lives and can [sometimes] only get 30 minutes to ourselves in a day. Now you don't have to choose! We have both cardio and strength in one very sweaty and powerful session!” Cody is enjoying the opportunity to interact with Members in a way he hasn’t before, saying that “[strength training is] something I’m so passionate about in my own training, but haven’t been able to do with Peloton Members until now. Let’s conquer uncomfortable spaces until they feel like home.”

And feel like home they will, indeed. Discovering a new dimension of your strength is a journey, and your Peloton instructors will be with you every step of the way. Take it from Cody—this fusion of a workout “is going to be your new favorite way to snatch wigs!”