The Benefits of Dance Cardio


The Benefits of Dance Cardio

Shake up your routine as you shake it out.

By Amy Gurvitz

August 28, 2020

Cutting a rug. Shaking a leg. Getting your groove on. Whatever you call it and however you do it, it’s hard to beat dancing to your favorite beats. It’s fun, a stress reliever and a great cardio workout—which is why Peloton launched Dance Cardio classes on the platform. If you haven’t tried these high-energy workouts, led by teams of your favorite instructors, here’s why you should.

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It gets your heart pumping

Like cycling, walking and running, dance cardio is an effective form of aerobic exercise. Studies have shown that it can improve your cardiovascular health and put you in a better mood. “It’s a great cardio workout alternative when I need a break from riding,” says Allison R. (#Allykat79) from Beaumont, Texas. “Once I learn the whole dance, I repeat it over and over. After 5-6 times through, I’m usually sweating good. It burns some serious calories and your legs will be on fire!”

To keep your heart rate up all throughout class, keep your feet moving, even if you can’t keep up with the choreography. “Don’t be afraid to modify,” offers Kristen Q. (#TwinTiger) from Devon, Pennsylvania, who does Dance Cardio classes both as a warm-up and a complete workout. “If you’re not into a particular part of the choreography, just jam out with your best moves. You’ll definitely sweat!”

No experience is required

Whether you’re a former dancer or think you have two left feet, our Dance Cardio classes are for you. “The choreography is challenging enough for seasoned dancers but fun for beginners, too,” says Kristen. “Each move is carefully broken down and repeated, and the emphasis is on fun and constant motion, not perfection.”

Plus, since you’re working out at home, you can dance like nobody's watching—because, well, nobody’s watching. “You can improve your dance moves and your confidence slowly, without feeling like anyone is watching you or showing you up,” says Kristen. Another benefit of doing a digital class: You can pause and rewind until you have a sequence down.

“Don't think of it as a workout and just have fun,” says Dance Cardio instructor Cody Rigsby. “Move your body without judgement and watch the sweat start to pour.”

You get to know the instructors on another level

You’re used to seeing Cody, Emma, Ally, Hannah, Rebecca and Jess King grooving on the Bike or Tread, but in these classes they fully put their dance backgrounds to good use. “I loved collaborating with my fellow instructors Emma, Ally and Hannah,” says Cody. “We have all danced professionally together in the past and it was awesome to jump back into it together. I love just letting go and whipping my hair.”

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“What’s not to love?” asks Kristen Q. “The energy of the instructors, especially since they’re working in pairs or teams of three, is very motivating. Their banter and interactions are entertaining, as is their coordinating neon and metallic workout gear!”

It takes you out of your comfort zone

Discover how fun it can be to shake up your workout routine and try something new. “Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and give it a try,” says Allison R. “Don’t sweat what you look like doing it—it doesn’t have to be perfect as long as you are having fun.”

“Give yourself permission to look like a fool, but also to go full out like you're about to perform for a stadium full of people,” adds Cody. “Invite a friend to do it with you—half the fear, double the fun!”