9 Types of Classes Perfect for Workout Buddies at Different Fitness Levels

9 Types of Classes Perfect for Workout Buddies at Different Fitness Levels

You might not have the same exercise goals, but the two of you can still sweat it out together.

By Amy Gurvitz Updated June 24, 2021


One of the best ways to make a workout routine stick is to exercise with a buddy—ideally a reliable accountability partner (say, a close friend or colleague) who’ll text you until they’re sure you’re getting out of bed to start the early-morning class you’d decided to take together the night before. If you’re at different fitness levels, choosing a class that challenges you both might seem tricky, but luckily, Peloton offers many options perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike. Here are nine different types of classes for you and your workout buddy to try.

Low-Impact Rides

Don’t let the name fool you: Low-impact rides can be high intensity. You’ll spend most of the class in the saddle but can adjust the resistance levels to best suit you.

Power Zone Rides

Centered around seven output zones customized for every Member, Power Zone rides focus on your personal level of exertion. Your total output numbers will differ from your workout buddy’s, but you’ll be working equally hard. (If your workout partner is new to Peloton, make sure they do the FTP test first!)

Bodyweight Strength

Since no weights are required, these classes are a good starting point for beginners who haven’t yet built up a complete home gym, or colleagues who want to squeeze in a quick lunchtime workout. If you’re more advanced, squeeze in some extra reps to really feel the burn.


These low-impact classes feature small-range movements and isometric holds that fatigue larger muscles (hello, shaky legs!) and target smaller ones that are often overlooked. Focused on improving posture, strength and balance, they complement every Member’s workout routine.

Slow Flow Yoga

The slower pace of these classes allows more time for instruction, making them a beginner-friendly yoga choice. They also give advanced practitioners the opportunity to fine-tune their poses and take them deeper.

Restorative Yoga

Everyone can benefit from a little calm and relaxation. Add these classes to your weekly routine and make it happen.


Perhaps your workout buddy is new to meditation, but you’ve been doing it for years. Choose the same class focus, such as gratitude or kindness, and different class lengths so that the experience feels doable, and valuable, for both of you.

Outdoor Walk + Run

Do you love to run and they love to walk? Our outdoor walk + run classes will make everyone happy. (Hint: If you need to take it up a notch, jog your way through some of the walk segments.)

Dance Cardio

Can’t see your partner in person right now? Schedule a Saturday night dance (cardio) party and boogie your blues away. No experience required—and everyone’s guaranteed to have a good time.

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