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Peloton’s 2024 Wellness Trend Predictions

Presenting the next big things in wellness.

By Haley JenaDecember 21, 2023


Here at The Output, we’re obsessed with what’s happening in wellness—and that’s putting it lightly. With the unbeatable help of our all-star instructors, our team of experts is constantly researching what’s new, what’s popular, and what’s about to take off. So, to help you stay in the know and get excited about all that’s to come in fitness and health next year, we’re rounding up our inaugural Wellness Trend Predictions.

In 2023, we saw countless wellness trends pop up—and with them, a host of benefits. The beloved cozy cardio trend that got the stamp of approval from Peloton instructor Callie Gullickson proved that workouts don’t need to feel intimidating to be effective. The popularity surge of cold plunges made us excited to step deeper into exercise recovery (literally). The viral Scandinavian sleep method encouraged us to commit to higher-quality sleep. And in 2024, we’ll welcome more wellness trends that’ll pique our interests—and perhaps encourage us to carve out more time for our well-being.

But which wellness trends will be the ones to actually blow up next year? We performed meticulous research to help finalize our picks.

How We Made Our Wellness Trend Predictions

Predicting the future of wellness is no easy feat, but fortunately, we had top-notch help in shaping our forecasts. First, we polled Peloton instructors at the forefront of what’s next in health and fitness. Next, we combed through The Peloton Report: A Fitness Journey, which surveyed thousands of people about their fitness and wellness journeys. We also turned to recent studies and analyses published in accredited scholarly journals to round up the latest findings in research that could give way to future wellness trends. Finally, we turned our attention inward, polling our team of expert health and fitness editors (who have decades of experience between them) about everything they’ve seen in wellness this year and what they anticipate ahead. 

Ready to dive in? Below, check out Peloton’s 2024 Wellness Trend Predictions. 

1. A Laser Focus on Longevity

Wellness Trends: A happy older woman stretching on a yoga mat in a sunny room.

Westend61 / Westend61 via Getty Images

If you turned on the radio at any point during the 2010s, the chances were high you’d hear a song about “living while you’re young” and “not caring about tomorrow.” That mindset is definitely in the rearview mirror as more of us will prioritize life-long health by focusing holistically on fitness, nutrition, sleep, and our general well-being.

Humans are overall living longer than they have historically, with the average US man and woman living until ages 73 and 79, respectively. (Those numbers have actually fallen over the past few years, but they’re still larger than they were in decades past; in 1960, US men and women could only expect to live until ages 66 and 73, respectively.) It makes sense, then, that thriving later in life is becoming a larger focus. That’s why we predict more folks will establish a solid foundation for their health now to set themselves up for success later.

According to The Peloton Report, between 77–86 percent of active Americans expect the physical benefits of their fitness journeys to improve their cardiovascular health, flexibility, mobility, and overall quality of life, as well as strengthen their immune system and increase muscle strength and tone—all benefits that align with longevity efforts.

“From a longevity standpoint, I think that in the next year, there will be more and more of a push to take care of yourself,” shares Peloton instructor Alex Karwoski. “For me, it used to be no big deal to get to practice, do my little three- to four-minute stretch, kind of pretend to warm up, and then we're off to the races. Similarly, after the workout, I'd stretch a little bit and then go.” 

But as Alex has gotten older, he’s realized the importance of properly warming up and cooling down to help take care of his body long-term. “If you have an hour to do a workout, rather than getting in 55 minutes of exercise and calling it a day, maybe instead you get a 30-minute workout in with a 15-minute warm-up and a 10-minute cooldown,” he says. “These are the things that are better for you, and they're not difficult. They just require a little more concerted effort with your time and focus.”

(Good news: If you’re a Peloton Member, you’re already taking the steps to improve markers of longevity, and the Peloton App has plenty of warm-ups and cooldowns to give your body some extra TLC.) 

2. All Eyes on Recovery

Wellness Trends: A woman in a white robe relaxing in a sauna.

Dimensions / E+ via Getty Images

In 2024, exercise recovery will no longer be seen as an afterthought, but rather, as a crucial part of our fitness routines. From investing in special recovery gear to simply carving out more time to warm up, cool down, and stretch after a sweat sesh, recovery will become a larger part of the conversation this year—a perfect complement to our newfound commitment to longevity, if we do say so ourselves.

In fact, 29 percent of people say they already use recovery tools to enhance workouts, and we predict that number will only continue to grow. Google search interest in muscle recovery shot up 250 percent in the latter half of 2023, as did curiosity for specific recovery trends like cold plunging or red light therapy—and we predict interest in any and all recovery topics will continue to surge.

“I think that recovery is going to be so critical,” says Peloton instructor Ash Pryor. “I think being able to train smarter with recovery being a focus, and rest being a focus, is going to be big [in 2024].”

Peloton instructor Matt Wilpers agrees.“Recovery is always huge,” he says. “At the end of the day, if you're not recovering, you're not going to get the gains back to your training. And so anything that helps optimize recovery [will be big in 2024].”

3. Revamped Routines

Wellness Trends: A young woman happily high-fiving her friend after a workout.

Luis Alvarez / DigitalVision via Getty Images

Time is our most valuable asset, and in 2024, more of us will make time to do what brings us joy by trying new things and shaking up our everyday habits. Anything is on the table, from testing out new exercise routines to giving a new hobby a spin just for fun. Maybe you’ll try shadowboxing for the first time and become obsessed. Maybe you’ll develop a love of painting on the weekends. Maybe you’ll stumble upon a new strength training routine that takes center stage. Either way, shaking up your routines is, well, on the up.

And, it’s good for you: A 2020 study published in Nature Neuroscience found that trying new, diverse experiences is associated with enhanced happiness and increased brain activity. What’s more, many of us are already familiar with ever-changing routines. Sixty-one percent of people say their approach to fitness has evolved throughout their lives, impacted by kids, work, school, and age, among many other factors. And in the past 18 months alone, 47 percent of people say they’ve rethought their routines. As our lives (and the world we live in) continue to change and evolve, so will our wellness routines—and we’re taking that in stride.

4. Getting Active in the Great Outdoors

Wellness Trends: A man running outdoors.

Pramote Polyamate / Moment via Getty Images

Oftentimes, we’re so focused on the “what” part of our workouts that we skip over the “where.” You might know you want to go for a jog today—but should that jog take place inside or outside? In 2024, we predict that more people will start to venture outdoors for exercise as a great complement to their favorite indoor workouts.

Nearly four in 10 people already exercise outside, and for good reason. A January 2023 study published in Nature found that working out is good for your brain no matter the location, but exercising outside might be even better. And recently, we’ve noticed a popularity uptick in outdoor wellness practices, from earthing to forest bathing. But an outdoor workout doesn’t have to be anything fancy: walking, rucking, jogging, biking, hiking, swimming, and rollerblading—you name it—are among the many fitness modalities you can enjoy in the great outdoors.

To be clear: Moving your body is a good thing, no matter where or when that workout takes place. But in the new year, we predict that more people will take their fitness routines outside. 

5. Upgraded Walks

Wellness Trends: A man walking outside with headphones on.

Who wants to go for a walk? More people are realizing the major benefits of walking, and we couldn’t be happier to predict that that wellness trend will continue to surge in 2024. 

Walking outdoors stands out as the most popular activity for nearly two-thirds of people. A notable 35 percent of folks also incorporate indoor walks on treadmills into their workouts. What’s more, this trend crosses all generations—meaning it’s a great way to stay active throughout life.

Science and social media alike have also touted the many benefits of walking in the past year, and we anticipate that love will continue in the new year. On both the Peloton Tread and App, walking workouts are an especially popular way to get moving. We saw more people embrace walking with classes like Matty Maggiacomo’s Walk & Talks, Kirsten Ferguson’s Intention Setting Walks, Rebecca Kennedy's Hiking Bootcamps, our new Walking Meditation collection, and new outdoor walks.  

Meanwhile, research published in May 2023 in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that a five-minute stroll every half hour can counteract some of the most harmful effects of sitting. And a February 2023 British Journal of Sports Medicine study suggests that a daily 11-minute brisk walk could lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and various types of cancer. 

TL;DR? Walking is an effective-meets-fun wellness trend everyone can—and will—get behind in 2024 (and hopefully beyond).

6. Creative Sleep Solutions

Wellness Trends: A man peacefully lying down and doing a sleep meditation with headphones in.

Maskot / Maskot via Getty Images

In 2023, couples got sleep divorces for the sake of better Zzzs. TikTokers tried “cognitive shuffling” to nod off faster. People searched online for creative sleep solutions to help them snooze better: red light, lavender, adult sleep sacks… the list could go on, and we predict it will in 2024.

After all, when you sleep better, you work out better (and generally feel better all around). In the past year, science has especially shown the importance of quality sleep. Research published in Nature Mental Health in September 2023 found that healthy lifestyle habits, like getting good sleep and staying active, could help prevent depression. What’s more, research shared by the American College of Cardiology in February 2023 suggests that people who practice healthy sleep behaviors (like falling asleep easily and sleeping seven to eight hours a night) are more likely to live longer—almost five years longer for men and nearly two-and-a-half years longer for women.

Anecdotally, Alex and Matt have both noticed an increase in clever sleep technology, from wearable sleep trackers to special cooling mattresses. Exercise is another relied-upon sleep aid that’ll stick around: 82 percent of people want their fitness journey to improve the quality of their sleep.

Long story short? In 2024, more of us will prioritize high-quality Zzzs through any means necessary, from investing in gear that helps you snooze better to picking up tried-and-true solutions like sleep meditations.

7. A Respect for Rowing

Wellness Trends: A woman rowing on the Peloton Row.

Introducing your favorite new workout: rowing. Praised for the low-impact, full-body workout it provides, rowing is an ideal way to break a sweat without putting a lot of pressure on your joints. Not to mention, fans of the sport praise its meditative qualities—the rhythm of pushing out with your legs, body, and arms, followed by moving back in with your arms, body, and legs (then repeating again and again) fosters a mind-body connection that’s good for your brain and your muscles. In 2024, we predict that more folks will realize just how underrated and amazing rowing is. 

“I think rowing is going to have a big moment,” Ash predicts. “I think being able to cross-train—and really find the sweet spot in cross-training with rowing—is going to be big.” Peloton instructor Katie Wang agrees, giving a special shout-out to the Peloton Row. “I genuinely think rowing is going to become bigger, because of the Peloton Row, but also because I think people will realize how much strength and cardio it is and will understand the efficiency of the workout.”

8. Mental Health Motivation

Wellness Trends: A young woman meditating while sitting in the grass.

Remembering your “why” is a crucial part of fitness: why you want to go on that ride, why you want to get more steps in, why you want to meditate every day, and so on. And in 2024, we predict more of those whys will be tied to our mental health. Rather than working out to look a certain way, more of us will exercise to feel a certain way, thanks to the countless mental health benefits exercise delivers.

A whopping 93 percent of people (!) say they’re motivated to exercise by the promise of better mental health. As data from The Peloton Report shows, there’s a symbiotic relationship between the mind and body benefits of getting active: When you work out and feel better mentally, you feel better physically—and vice versa. 

Peloton instructor Adrian Williams is familiar with these benefits. "What I would love to be big in 2024 is for people to start taking into account their mental health before they think about movement,” he says. “I think it should be ‘healthy mind, healthy body.’ So if you are happy and healthy mentally, whatever your goals are for working out will naturally come.”

Wellness Trends: A young athlete stretching his arms in a park at sunset.

Igor Alecsander / E+ via Getty Images

The Takeaway

From a focus on longevity and recovery to a love of walking and rowing, we hope these Wellness Trend Predictions inspire you to embrace something new. But remember, while wellness trends come and go, the ability to show up for your mind and body in whatever ways feel best will always be there for you. And with Peloton, you can work out anytime, anywhere—and our team will be cheering you on the whole way through.

This content is for informational and educational purposes only and does not constitute individualized advice. It is not intended to replace professional medical evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment. Seek the advice of your physician for questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition. If you are having a medical emergency, call your physician or 911 immediately.


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