4 Reasons to Take Peloton Classes Outside

4 Reasons To Take Peloton Classes Outside

Treat yourself to some fresh air while you work out.

By Abbie BeardUpdated April 27, 2022


Consider this your sign to shake up your fitness routine. As the days grow warmer and longer, it’s the perfect opportunity to move some of your Peloton sessions outside. Whether you’re taking an audio-only class or adapting an indoor one for your needs, al fresco workouts are an excellent way to break up a familiar exercise schedule and find some new motivation to push beyond your limits. We asked some of our Members to share their favorite outdoor places to take Peloton classes and how switching up their surroundings has made fitness more fun.

Some Members use the Peloton App in unlikely places to decompress during the work day.

“I use the App all over London,” says Member Michele H. “I do meditations on the bus, on the Tube (if I can get Wi-Fi underground) and walking around the city. My work day takes me to multiple locations, so I often do an audio or Tread walk between them to help me keep up my pace.”

Others find Peloton classes bring some magic to their global adventures.

“I went to a yurt last summer and meditated on this hillside with my Peloton App,” says Michelle A. in Wisconsin. “Both for the view, the sound of the river far, far below and the bar of signal so I could grab a new track.” And that’s not the only time outdoor classes have come in handy for Michelle: She runs and walks with Peloton all the time, and even crushed her 10K PR while running with instructor Robin Arzón.

Traci H. in Texas also takes the Peloton App with her all over the place. “I’ve done yoga on a balcony overlooking the ocean in Turks (my favorite place) while watching on my iPad,” she says. “I’ve listened to Christine D'Ercole coaching me on rides where I can only hear her (and not see her) through the mountains in Colorado.”

Our Members also take advantage of the Peloton App to discover local parks and areas near their hometowns.

“I listen to the audio from 60-minute Tread classes while I go for long runs along the San Diego county coastline,” shares Kerstin G. in California, adding that listening to the instructors makes her feel like she’s running with a friend.

Deanna T. in Florida is a veteran of outdoor workouts, telling us, “I take all my classes outside…We recently moved from the Chicagoland area, so I love that outside is always an option. I love a good HIIT class outside. I don’t mind the sprints. I also love longer runs, 45–60 minutes, to pile up the mileage.”

Similarly, Member Emily A. also finds plenty of excuses to head outdoors. “We have a beautiful park system here in Cleveland, Ohio,” she says. “The Cleveland Metroparks includes lakefront parks and hiking trails. I’ve done pretty much every type of outdoor run Peloton offers throughout our park system (and a few Tread runs that I’ve taken outside).” Note for all you runners: Emily’s absolute favorite workout to take is Rebecca Kennedy’s 45-minute Rock Run from 3/24/21. “I’ve taken that run quite a few times, and I never get sick of it!” she notes.

Outdoor classes have even helped some Members bond with their pets.

“I love running outside with my dog! Whether it’s along the beach on vacation, at a local park or a regular day in our neighborhood,” says Brianna L. in Louisiana, adding that she always has several outdoor run classes preloaded on her phone. “I started running because of my dog,” Brianna explains. “I knew she needed exercise! She's also a rescue dog who had some issues and was very shy and running together really helped her open up and trust me.”

Member Brittney P. lives in Ontario but doesn’t let cold weather deter her. “My pup Harvey and I love doing the outdoor audio walks!” she says. “In the winter, we like to go out on the frozen lake. I just got my Bike+ and Peloton Membership this fall, but I can see myself doing some of the yoga classes outside by the lake this summer!”

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