More Peloton Pilates is Here

More Peloton Pilates is Here

By PelotonUpdated April 6, 2021


There’s no shortage of ways to get stronger with Peloton, but there may be no more foundational practice than Pilates to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of functional fitness. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of instructors from across disciplines to bring you our very own version of this beloved practice. Inspired by our Members—who are anything but one-dimensional athletes with access to everything from yoga to strength training on the Peloton App—introducing Pilates to our platform is part and parcel of our mission to help you find strength in all facets of movement and life.

Now, 5 more instructors you know and love have joined the Pilates team: Rebecca Kennedy, Ally Love, Kendall Toole, Anna Greenberg and Jess King!

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With no equipment needed aside from yourself and a mat, Peloton Pilates is all about training your body to be resilient and approach any athletic endeavor with tip-top form, however you prefer to get your sweat on. Originally named “Contrology” by its founder Joseph Pilates, the low-impact practice is chock full of movements designed to mobilize your spine and stabilize your core (which is more than just what you can see on the outside!), beneficial for athletes of all ages, genders and body types. You may recognize certain quintessential Pilates movements from other Peloton classes, such as roll-ups, bridges or boat pose, but from start to finish, a Pilates class will focus on stability, posture and achieving that oh-so-coveted deep muscular burn!

Below, meet just some of our team of Pilates instructors, and hear what they love about the practice and why they can’t wait for everyone to experience these new classes.

Hi, Team Pilates! So, can you define Pilates for us, in a sentence or two?

Sam Yo: It’s a low-impact and non-aerobic workout that helps improve muscle tone, flexibility, alignment and strength for all levels of fitness.

Aditi Shah: I like to think of Pilates as a way to develop integrity of movement that we can take off of the mat and into our lives.

Emma Lovewell: Pilates is all about loving your body better. We focus on creating deep core strength, body awareness and flexibility. It's like giving your body a big hug.

How does Pilates complement the training our Members put in on all corners of the Peloton platform (and in your own regimens)?

AS: Pilates is supportive of and will improve ANY other form of movement. When we focus on moving from a strong, steady core, we can create and reinforce healthy movement patterns—and of course, get stronger.

Kristin McGee: By strengthening your abdominals, you can prevent injuries and support your back when you run, ride, lift or stretch. Every movement originates from the core in Pilates, but you are also still getting a full-body workout so your legs, arms, back and entire body will be stronger and your spine will feel longer.

Hannah Corbin: We spend so much time on cardio without working on the building blocks that allow us to bust through our plateaus in our cardio pursuits. Pilates builds up the stability and length in our muscles that is essential for blowing past our limits.

Pilates is often confused with barre, yoga or traditional core workouts like we have on the Peloton App. What’s the biggest differentiator between Pilates and everything else?

KM: Pilates is more of an exercise routine originally developed to help injured athletes, whereas yoga was created thousands of years ago as a path to spiritual enlightenment through a series of postures.

EL: You will see some similarities in my core strength classes and my Pilates classes, because I have always infused Pilates into my strength classes. But, the terminology is different in a Pilates class, and some of the moves will feel foreign to you but are meant to improve your strength as well as your balance, coordination and flexibility.

SY: Pilates is not just core strengthening, but also core activation awareness—training the mind-muscle connection to make sure we align, stabilize, activate and then move.

HC: Compared to barre, which focuses on small isometric movements that are based in ballet, Pilates focuses less on the extremities and more on finding your center and drawing out the length in your body.

EL: Overall, it's important we change up our workout routines often, so we don't hit plateaus or get bored!

We can’t wait to dive in. What are you most excited for Members to gain from these classes?

EL: Peloton Pilates is for our everyday athlete. It's accessible and available for you to take on your app anywhere. It’s exciting for us instructors to launch a new modality that we all stand behind, and have seen the value in this kind of training for years!

SY: This instructor team comes from a vast background of different modalities from dance, yoga, cycling, running, strength and martial arts. We’ll use our experience and knowledge to motivate everyone from different fitness and life backgrounds.

AS: I'm excited to celebrate movement with our Members in a new way, and I'm so excited for them to see the way Pilates can transform their strength, stability, flexibility and so much more.

HC: I am most excited for everyone to realize that no matter what your body type, no matter what your age or gender, Pilates IS FOR YOU! And in typical Peloton style, it is going to be more vibrant, more dynamic and backed by our supportive and one-of-a-kind community to keep you on track with all of your goals.

KM: I can't wait for Members to learn to really tap into their deep core strength and share in this discovery alongside the rest of the Leaderboard. Our classes will be energetic and fun while still staying true to the Pilates discipline.