Why Pilates Makes Me a Better Athlete

Why Pilates Makes Me a Better Athlete

Our Members break down the many benefits of these strength-building classes.

By Amy Gurvitz Updated April 5, 2021


No matter which sports you play or which fitness classes you like to take, strengthening your core will strengthen your performance. And luckily for you, Peloton just launched 20 on-demand Pilates classes to help you do just that. Like the instructors who lead these classes, many of our Members have already experienced the power of Pilates firsthand. Read on to see how Pilates has helped them reach peak performance when it comes to their workouts.

Reaching New Heights

Member Jeff L. (#Earl14) from Worcester, Massachusetts has been practicing Pilates for five years. “Pilates is no joke,” he says. “You get your butt kicked by just breathing. It’s challenging and moves you out of your comfort zone, which has helped me be better.”

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An ice hockey player and runner, Jeff has Pilates to thank for improved flexibility, strength and stamina, especially the side plank and clam moves he finds the most challenging. “I’m able to perform at a high level longer on the ice,” he says. “As I get older, I am able to keep up with the younger guys.”

Pilates has also benefited Jeff’s weight training, including the Peloton strength classes he does on his Apple TV. “It has helped with my overall core strength, which I feel has helped to reduce injuries,” he says. “While lifting weights and performing other resistance training, I don’t worry about hurting myself.”

Making a Comeback

Former collegiate swimmer Michelle U. (#Michellenalene) from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania first took up Pilates eight years ago as she recovered from an injury. “Pilates gave me a low-impact workout that focused on body-weight and core strength,” she recalls. “It helped me focus on smaller, less strenuous movements, while giving me the range-of-motion benefits I so needed.”

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Once back in the water, she could see and feel the results. “I became a more fluid athlete in the pool,” she says. “I truly feel as though it helped me cut through the water with less resistance. My turns were improved. Strength training gave me the muscle, but Pilates gave me the inner core strength and balance needed to decrease my times.”

Today, Michelle supplements her pool, Bike and running workouts with Pilates on the Peloton App, noting that it’s improved her running posture, relieved her back pain, tightened her core and made her more efficient at climbing out of the saddle. She has no plans to give it up, saying, “'The Hundred’ is my tried-and-true friend.”

Switching It Up

Golfer Sierra S. (#SpinningGolfr) from Sacramento, California first tried Pilates three years ago when she was looking to try something new. She continues to hit the mat up to three times per week and has seen noticeable improvements to her golf game.

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“Core is such an important part of golf,” she says. “Having a stronger core leads to better control and power in the swing.”

Along with strength and muscle tone, Sierra says she’s gained stamina that powers her through her golf rounds. “With Pilates and Peloton cycling classes,” she adds, “I’ve gained yardage on my drives and more consistency with my long irons.”

Encouraging Better Balance

Runner and Peloton cyclist Jamie B. (#spin4moviesnax) from Calgary, Canada has practiced Pilates for over 10 years. She uses mat classes to complement her runs and rides on the Bike. “I’ve always been very active, and Pilates is a way to slow down and pay attention to what my body is saying,” she says. “Running is very high-impact, so Pilates is a good balance for me on days off.”

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She also appreciates how Pilates forces her to stretch, something she says she doesn’t do enough of on her own. “Pilates definitely helps me recover faster by stretching everything out!” she says. “My legs are strong from all the miles put in from running, but Pilates helps balance everything else.”

Ready to experience the benefits of Pilates? Take a class on demand today!

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