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More Peloton Barre Classes Are Here!

More Peloton Barre Classes Are Here!

By PelotonUpdated February 22, 2021


Peloton’s anytime, anywhere library of fitness content just gained a new addition: More barre classes! One of our Members’ most-requested class types, an extended collection of barre classes is now available on demand from your TV, App, Bike or Tread.

If you’ve never tried barre before, you’re in for a treat. Working your muscles in this new, micro-fashion is sure to have you feeling sore in the best type of way, and ensures that you’re not neglecting any one aspect of your musculature that keeps you riding or running strong. We’ve recruited instructors Ally Love and Hannah Corbin to bring you these workouts, and this pair of former dancers couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to Peloton’s version of barre: One that empowers our Members from all disciplines, and at all levels, to get stronger together.

Barre None

So, we’ve mentioned Pilates, ballet and yoga, but barre is an experience unto its own. Says Hannah, “barre is an attitude workout in addition to working out your body, and we will be creating a fun and vibrant space to explore new ways to push yourself.” These workouts will be challenging, but not in the sense you might be familiar with from running sprints on the Bike or Tread. “In cycling classes, I talk about global muscles, which include your quads and glutes. But barre works your local muscle groups, which help with your posture, intrinsic strength and correcting muscle imbalances,” says Ally. “By incorporating small range movements and pulses, and isometric holds,” you’ll achieve these mighty benefits designed to fatigue one muscle group at a time throughout the workout, says Hannah.

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We can’t forget to mention that every barre class you take with Ally and Hannah will be choreographed to the rhythm of the music you know and love from Peloton workouts. Hannah says, “barre is for anyone who likes fun, dynamic workouts with attitude, set to the beat of the music. That means everyone who has ever ridden a Peloton!”

Discover new dimensions of movement

We think that barre is about to become your new favorite cross-training activity. Both Ally and Hannah attest that runners and cyclists are so conditioned to moving in the sagittal plane--front to back--but, our bodies are meant for and capable of much more. Says Ally, “in order to supplement [your running and cycling workouts] and get stronger, you want to make sure you’re working in all planes of motion...your body is multifaceted, so you want to treat your workouts that way as well.” That means moving sideways, diagonally, twisting and turning! “The dynamism of barre challenges your body in new ways by isolating and training small muscles that are often overlooked,” explains Hannah. In turn, when you jump back on the Bike or Tread, “you'll find new levels of endurance and strength that you never would achieve by just riding or running alone,” she says.

img-2-More Peloton Barre Classes Are Here!

Meet us at the Barre

Barre classes are available under “Strength” from your TV App, mobile App and Bike or Tread touchscreen, and can also be found in their own collection.

To get started, just bring yourself and a positive attitude to the mat! But, Ally encourages Members who are trying barre for the first time to plan on using a prop to help find balance. She says, “in my classes, I don’t show you the movements with a chair or any barre substitute; however, you are always welcome to use a wall, a chair or table for balance and stability.” Ally also wants you to know that as you take the barre classes over and over again, you’re sure to find yourself leveling up: “This is a progressive program. Take the workouts, understand the concepts, then keep taking them to get stronger with those foundational movements.”