Scenic Workouts Get a Sonic Upgrade

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Scenic Workouts Get a Sonic Upgrade

By PelotonApril 29, 2022

Scenic Workouts Get a Sonic Upgrade

Introducing Peloton Radio—curated music to move you.

When you embark on a scenic ride or run, you’re diving into an experience. A moment from the mundane. A workout level up. And now we’ve got the perfect sounds to elevate you even higher.

We’re thrilled to launch Peloton Radio: curated music to move you. Our thoughtfully-assembled playlists are all about setting the scene. Pick a genre based on your mood and get ready to work.

Ride a Latin Wave in the streets of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico to music by Zion y Lennox. Feel hyped in Hawaii to hip-hop legends like Megan Thee Stallion. Or get pumped in the lava hills of Iceland to pop stars like Lizzo. It’s all possible.

Stay tuned as we add more music, playlists, and features to Peloton Radio. Try it today—now available for distance and time-based scenic rides and runs. Tap “More” on your homescreen to access it. Sound off and let us know your thoughts!