Take the Scenic Route

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Take the Scenic Route

Refresh your routine with new scenic rides.

By PelotonApril 30, 2021

We know in-studio classes are the heart and soul of Peloton, but every now and then, you need a change of scenery. That’s where Peloton’s revamped scenic rides come in. We’ve re-imagined our content from the ground up to give you a bit of a change from your day-to-day Peloton routine.

Distance Content

img-1-Take the Scenic Route

Distance content lets you ride through the stunning scenery of Hawaii, Big Sur and the wetlands of Georgia until you hit the distance target—with responsive video, curated playlists and new locations to keep you coming back.

Guided Workouts

img-2-Take the Scenic Route

Take The Scenic Route - Refresh your routine with new scenic rides & runs.

Guided workouts with Adrian Williams, Matt Wilpers and Denis Morton are also available if you’d prefer a bit of motivation from some familiar faces as you take in the beauty of Savannah, Hawaii and Big Sur.

Time-Based Content

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Time-based content is perfect for warm ups, cool downs, active recovery and anything in-between. Plus, music playlists are refreshed daily to keep you coming back.

So clip in, take a breath and take your workouts to a new place with new scenic rides. Try them today from your touchscreen!