Is the Peloton App Worth the Cost?

Is the Peloton App Worth the Cost?

Members tell us how the Peloton App changed their training routines for the better.

By Karen AspUpdated August 9, 2022


No Peloton Bike or Peloton Tread? No worries! You can still be part of our tight-knit community with the Peloton App. And even if you already own Peloton equipment, there are still a zillion reasons to use our App, whether you’re doing workouts like yoga and strength training or keeping up with your training program while you’re away from home.

But don’t just take our word for it. Below, five Peloton Members weigh in on what they love about the App and why it’s worth the cost.

“I’m able to work out again because of the Peloton App.”

In 2019, Jen S.—a busy mom to two sons, ages two and four—canceled her gym membership because she was hardly using it. She’d always been an outdoor cyclist, but didn’t even have time for that anymore. So she bought a stationary bike and downloaded the Peloton App as a trial. She was an instant fan. “I was hooked by the variety of cycling instructors, music choices, and different length of workouts,” says the 41-year-old from Matthews, North Carolina. “Working out became attainable again.”

She’s since bought a treadmill, which she uses with the Peloton App as well. “Being able to use your own equipment makes the Peloton App worth the money,” Jen says, praising the App’s affordability.

Today, she uses the Peloton App for biking, running, stretching, yoga, and meditation and hopes to add strength classes into her routine soon too. Bonus: She recently went camping at the beach and didn’t have internet access—so she preloaded some yoga classes from the App and was able to get her flow on anyway.

“The Peloton App helped me get into a fitness routine.”

As awful as the pandemic lockdowns were, Kat J. found a silver lining to them. She and her partner had been looking at the Peloton App before, but it wasn’t until the lockdowns hit in March 2020 that they signed up. They had a stationary bike and decided to give the App a try. “It was a really useful and practical way of exercising in the lockdown,” says Kat, 43, who lives on the outskirts of London.

Soon, Kat and her partner were exercising regularly because of the Peloton App, something they hadn’t been doing before. Six months later, they bought a Peloton Bike, and as new features were rolled out on the App, they began trying new-to-them classes.

Now the Peloton App helps them keep up their good habits when they travel. For instance, Kat likes to meditate and put on an outdoor walk when they’re on holiday to keep the “blue dot streak.”

She’s recommended the App to numerous friends, even her 81-year-old mom (“She likes how friendly Sam Yo is.”), and believes it’s a great entry point into Peloton, especially for people who aren’t ready to commit to the equipment or don’t have the space. “You get to experience all the instructors and try a wide range of exercise types, including some you might have thought weren’t for you,” she says.

What’s more, Kat adds, is that the choices on the Peloton App are unbeatable. “I don’t think a lot of people realize how much range and choice there is on the App,” she says. “I’m trying workouts I’ve never tried before, and it’s changed my whole approach to fitness and how I feel, something I didn’t think was possible two years ago.”

“With the Peloton App, I can exercise whenever I want.”

During pandemic lockdowns, closed gym doors meant members had to find other ways to exercise, and many chose fitness apps. That’s what pushed Sue T., 62, of Moline, Illinois, to download the Peloton App in March 2020.

Although Sue had thought the Peloton App was only for the Bike, her sister corrected her and they joined together. Sue has a fully stocked home gym, and even without Peloton equipment, she’s now very thankful for the App. “I don’t have to drive to the gym, and I love all of the different instructors and content,” she says. Another plus? She can exercise on her own schedule.

“Using the Peloton App holds me accountable.”

Lauren M. started using the App in December, and since then, she’s become one of its biggest fans. “Whenever somebody talks to me about working out, I recommend they try the Peloton App, even if they don’t have the Peloton Bike or Peloton Tread,” says the 26-year-old from Allen, Texas.

Lauren rattles off a laundry list of her favorite things about the App, including how easy it is to access and how it allows her to work out no matter where she is. (Her favorite workouts include walking, stretching, strength training, and meditation.) She also loves the wide selection of classes and ability to track her sweat sessions. “I can easily see how many workouts I’ve done every week or month, even how many minutes I’ve worked out and the different workouts I’ve done,” she says.

These metrics not only motivate her to exercise, but also keep her consistently using the Peloton App. “I want to continue increasing all of the data points,” she says. That motivation is enhanced by the “relationships” she’s formed with the instructors. “I’ve never met them, but I have two or three I love who motivate me through a screen.”

“I can maintain my fitness anywhere with the Peloton App, even on the road.”

As soon as Peloton launched in the United Kingdom, Lucy A. was already obsessed. “I was one of the first few hundred in the UK to order a Peloton Bike, and as soon as I ordered it, I downloaded and started using the Peloton App that day and have been using it ever since,” says Lucy, 31, who lives in Hathersage.

Whether it’s for a guided walk, nighttime meditation, or quick hotel HIIT workout, Lucy uses the App for everything. And when she’s working away from home—which she’s doing more often now—the Peloton App is her steady companion.

Why is the App so appealing? “I can switch it on anywhere and do something that moves my body in a positive way,” she says. That’s why she’s recommended the App to numerous people, and what she’s found won’t surprise Peloton fans. “Everybody I know who’s downloaded it,” she says, “consistently still uses it.”