How to Keep Your Workout Streak Alive

How to Keep Your Workout Streak Alive

Peloton Members share their best tips for fitting in physical activity each day.

By Amy Gurvitz Updated January 11, 2022


Your workout plan may be paved with good intentions, but sometimes it takes a little creativity to keep your daily (or weekly) Peloton class streak alive. Day get away from you? Add a blue dot to your calendar with a five-minute sleep meditation before bedtime. Hit the snooze button a few too many times? Squeeze in a 15-minute ride instead of the one you’d planned to do for 45. Kids have the day off from school? Try a family class to keep your streak going (and tire them out in the process).

For more inspiration, we asked some motivated-by-milestone Members to share their secrets to keeping their workout streaks alive, no matter what.

Plan Ahead

  • “I pre-stack my workouts a month in advance. It keeps me on track every day, keeps me accountable and helps keep my streaks alive.”—Nikki S.

  • “I get up before 4:00 AM everyday, before the rest of the world wakes up, to get a workout in and make sure I don’t need to spend any time during the day worrying about losing my streak. (Yes, I am crazy.)”—Jessica P.

  • “I schedule my classes in advance so I am sure they happen. The live morning meditations are something I can do in my office, so that helps a lot.”—Ashley P.

Turn Chores and Errands Into Exercise

  • “I take a meditation everyday while in the shower.”—Tamera C.

  • “Anytime I walk the dog, I put on an outdoor walk—both for the music and for my streak!”—Carin S.

  • “If I need to fit in a class while I’m cooking, I do one of Rebecca Kennedy’s standing core classes. Love them—I still get a workout without needing a mat and getting on the floor.”—Susan H.

  • “When I am short on time, I break my workout up into 10–15-minute segments throughout the day.”—Yom F.

  • “I will do a meditation with my kids while putting them to bed or turn on a walk while I am putting away laundry or shopping at the mall to keep my pace up.”—Holly K.

Take a Break at the Office

  • “As soon as I get to work, I do a meditation. It gets my head in the right place and ready to handle a day of teaching math to teenagers.”—Cristina W.

  • “I keep a yoga mat and three-pound weights in my office at work to sneak in a lunchtime workout if need be.”—Melissa N.

  • “I started keeping sneakers in my office. Two to three times a week, I’ll throw them on and do a 20-minute outdoor walk. Particularly helpful when my evening is filled with mom duties.”—Marie C.

  • “On work days, I will often take a meditation class during my lunch break or do one of the Yoga Anywhere classes.”—Carlyle S.

Get the Family Involved

  • “I hit the Bike first thing when I come home from work. If the kids are demanding, and I can’t get it in, we do a quick yoga together, or I meditate at bedtime.”—Marci L.

  • “My husband and I do a sleep meditation every night. Since I am working from home, I can also fit classes in between meetings and at lunch. When I don’t have early meetings, I use my ‘commute’ time to get in classes before my work day starts.”—Danica F.

  • “Yoga Anywhere is great when you don’t have a mat, shoes or weights. Our daughter was in the hospital, and we utilized that to move our bodies and keep our streaks.”—Erin R.

Try Something New While Traveling

  • “I work out daily, and when I’m on vacation, I stream off the Peloton App. I hit my 365-day streak last week! ”—Somady L.

  • “I have put on a dance cardio class in a hotel room because I don’t want to lay on the floor. I have fun trying to learn the moves and laugh at how uncoordinated I am!”—Karin T.

  • “I’ll do a 10-min. Arms & Light Weights class without weights while I'm traveling. And Fit Family Brain Break classes with Jess Sims in the hotel room pre-client meeting to get the blood flowing and turn on smart thoughts! Also, for my sanity, I only track the weekly streak.”—Stacey L.

Commit to It

  • “Don’t feel like exercising? Pick a class based off music! Jess Sims does a 20-minute jock jams run that is perfect for this. (It’s my lawn mowing class.)”—Cleo B.

  • “Whenever I can’t get motivated, I say to myself, ‘Be stronger than your excuses.’ It’s one of my favorite Peloton quotes. Then I commit to a 10-minute class—which almost always turns into a 30–45-minute workout.”—Ashley F.

You’ve got this. Keep that streak going with the Peloton App, and #ShareYourStreak on social media!