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How to Keep Training While You’re Traveling

How to Keep Training While You’re Traveling

Hitting the road doesn’t have to put a halt on your fitness program.

By Karen AspUpdated August 3, 2021


When you’re traveling, it’s often tempting to hit the brakes on your fitness program. An extra day or two off isn’t a big deal, of course—but if you’re on the road frequently or for long periods, you probably don’t want to get into the habit of skipping your workouts all the time. We got some dedicated Peloton Members to share how they adapt their fitness routines while they’re out and about.

“I love traveling with Peloton.”

Early on in the pandemic, Keri T. set a goal to exercise at least 30 minutes every day for 365 days (as of press time, she was 300 days into her goal). So what did she do when she went to the beach with her family this summer? She took the Peloton App with her. “Peloton instructors make great travel companions,” says Keri, who lives in Atlanta. She brought her yoga mat and shifted her focus to strength workouts. Her favorite? Barre with Ally Love at the beach. She’s now looking forward to doing lakeside Pilates with Emma Lovewell later this summer.

“Without Peloton on the road, my fitness would be non-existent.”

The app is everything to Demetria J., from Los Angeles, who just hit her one-year anniversary with Peloton. She looks for hotels or local gyms that feature Peloton equipment, but even when there’s no workout space, she doesn’t let that stop her. “The outdoor audio is a favorite for a walk or jog if you don’t have a facility to work out in,” she says. She also does meditation from the app, as it helps her relax and feel comfortable when she’s not in her own bed.

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“I like to mix things up.”

Derek R. cues up the outdoor guided runs when he travels. “They’re a great way to explore a new city,” he says. But this Atlanta resident doesn’t just stop there, as he also loves grabbing his iPad, yoga mat (or towel) and finding a quiet outdoor space at his hotel for morning sun salutations (he recommends classes with Chelsea Jackson Roberts or Denis Morton). And when he needs a boost, he does a 20-minute dance cardio class, learning new 8-counts in the process.

“I recommend bringing workout clothes and equipment to keep yourself motivated.”

One thing that Sam G. always packs when he travels to places he knows has a Peloton Bike? His Peloton shoes. That way, he knows he’ll be able to push himself when necessary. The certified fitness trainer from Reston, Virginia also does yoga classes on demand and uses sleep meditations to stay healthy and well-rested while he’s on the go.

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“Traveling is a great excuse to change up the Peloton classes you typically take and try something new.”

Hilary R. joined Peloton when Covid-19 made her too nervous to go to the gym. Although the Salt Lake City resident worried she’d miss her old workout routine, she ultimately fell in love with Peloton classes and now uses them extensively when she travels. As a result, she’s doing everything from bodyweight classes in her hotel room to outdoor walking and running classes on a recent trip to Iceland. One thing she’s learned about taking her fitness on the road: Keeping expectations in check is key. “Recognize that your workouts aren’t going to be as long or as intense as what you do at home,” she says, adding that even just a 10-minute bodyweight workout or five-minute core strength class is better than nothing. And, as a bonus, small amounts of exercise like this make it easier to get back in the routine when she gets home.

Going somewhere soon? The Peloton App has the classes you need to stay healthy and strong while you travel.

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