Why You Need Boxing Bootcamp in Your Life


Why You Need Boxing Bootcamp in Your Life

Two of our favorite Peloton disciplines are crossing over to create a punchy new workout.

By Team PelotonMarch 28, 2022

You can count on us to deliver the best bootcamp workouts here at Peloton—from the Tread to the Bike—and now on the floor because a new format is joining the bootcamp party: boxing. You can now experience your favorite fiery, interval-style workout on the mat, too—jabbing, crossing and lifting your way to that blissful, sweaty rush.

Led by instructors Rad Lopez and Selena Samuela, Boxing Bootcamp classes are on demand under the “Strength” discipline on the Peloton App, Bikes and Tread. If you’re wondering what you’re in for when tapping into one of these classes, think of it as a mix of our shadowboxing and strength classes, wrapped into a structure designed to spike your heart rate during periods of more intense cardiovascular work, and bring it back down just that little bit while working in strength-focused blocks. “When I program these classes, I make sure that all my moves and rounds build upon one another,” says Rad. “I make sure that we can apply what we’re doing in strength training onto our boxing technique.” And if it’s a playlist that gets you moving, Rad has a promise for you: ”As always, the playlist is sure to get you fired up and moving!”

Whether you stack these classes with other Peloton workouts or take it all on its own, you can be sure that your strength and power gains from Boxing Bootcamp will carry over into your other athletic pursuits—and functional life activities. “These workouts will allow you to train your coordination, footwork and overall strength,” says Rad. Turns out that variety is the spice of a Peloton routine, too.

Just like our other bootcamp workouts, different classes will recommend dumbbells of various sizes, but the only additional things you’ll want handy are a workout mat and water bottle (plus a towel, if that’s your thing). No Tread or Bike necessary. (Unless, of course, that’s the screen you’re taking class from!) As Rad puts it, “Cardio or strength training? Why choose when you can have both!”

Not ready for a Boxing Bootcamp class just yet? Knock out the basics of boxing in our two-week Get Hooked: Peloton Boxing Program.