The Basics of Boxing, as Taught by Peloton Instructors

The Basics of Boxing, as Taught by Peloton Instructors

By PelotonUpdated December 7, 2021


The Basics of Boxing, as Taught by Peloton Instructors

Get ready to “Get Hooked” with our first-ever Peloton Boxing Program.

So, you want to know how it feels to train like a boxer. What if we told you that you already have what it takes to succeed? That you already hold within yourself the duality of stealth and power, of sharp focus on the present and intuitive foresight ahead, of the confidence to strike first and humility to hold for a beat. Because boxing is more than what can be seen or the sum of its parts. Boxing is an expression of the internal human condition. A combat sport traditionally, yes, but the first opponent to master lives within your mind. And Peloton Boxing has arrived to help you harness everything the practice has to offer.

Our most Member-requested discipline is making its first appearance on the platform in the form of the two-week, eight-class Get Hooked: Peloton Boxing Program, led by instructors Kendall Toole, Rad Lopez and Selena Samuela—all of whom bring years of boxing experience and a heavy punch of passion for the sport. The Program will take you through the fundamentals in the first week, with 20-minute classes focusing on combinations, footwork and defense. Then in week two, put your essential skills into practice with 30-minute shadowboxing sessions. You’ll earn badges along the way, but the real prize is your newfound mental and physical strength, perhaps unique from but undoubtedly complimentary to the kind you gain from other Peloton classes.

SPOILER ALERT: The Program is just the start! In the coming months, you can expect more of your favorite instructors to join the boxing lineup, plus even more classes and some surprises along the way.

‘Til then, let’s get you ready to hit the ring...or your living room. Below, get familiar with three boxing basics that you’ll see in every class.


img-1-The Basics of Boxing, as Taught by Peloton Instructors

Starting with both feet planted underneath you, take a step back with your dominant leg. Your front-leg toes should be aiming straight ahead, as if toward 12 on a clock. If your right leg is behind, your right toes should angle toward 2 on the clock; if your left leg is behind, your left toes should angle toward 8 on the clock. Keep a light bend in your knees and lift your back heel slightly. Feel your strength rooting through the ground!


img-2-The Basics of Boxing, as Taught by Peloton Instructors

A punch with your front hand—the same-side hand as your front leg. With your hand in a firm fist with the thumb on top, fully extend your arm in front of you, turning your knuckles as if pouring out a pitcher of water. Rotate through your shoulders, core and hips, with feet grounded. Keep that back fist up near your jaw!


img-3-The Basics of Boxing, as Taught by Peloton Instructors

Duck, slip, roll. Sometimes, the fight isn’t always about advancing—and these moves teach you how to reset for a beat, protect yourself and recharge for the next punch. All three originate from your solid fighting stance. For your duck, drop into a squat before popping back up. For your slip, lean to one side then the other as if dodging punches to either side. For your roll, draw a U-shape with your body as you bend your knees and come back up. Remember to keep your fists up by your face!

To find the Get Hooked Program, head to the “Programs'' tab on your Peloton App, Bike or Tread touchscreen. Remember, once you get started, you’ll have to complete the classes in sequence to unlock the next ones, and you won’t find these classes anywhere else on the Peloton platform. You’ll be able to see your progress and the badges you earn throughout, and if you need an extra dose of motivation during the two weeks, make sure to follow your instructors on social media (@fitxkendall, @radlopz, @selenasamuela) as they share training tips and advice to keep you in the fight.

They’re in your corner, we’re in your corner and your fellow Members are, too. Ready to Get Hooked?