Here’s Exactly Why The Peloton Bike is The Best Fitness Gift

Here’s Exactly Why The Peloton Bike is The Best Fitness Gift

We’re giving you a tour of everything you need to know.

By Team PelotonUpdated June 30, 2020


The holidays are here and you may be thinking about going all in with the best fitness gift--the Peloton Bike. Whether you’re eyeing it for yourself or that special someone else, we’re giving you a tour of all you need to know before your bring it home. Below, we break down the key features that bring the Bike to life.

1. The live in-class metrics--cadence, output and resistance--right on the touchscreen make it easy to immerse yourself into the class experience and act as a guide. Missed an instructor cue? Our Target Metrics feature will help to guide you so you don’t miss a beat.

2. Connect with Members from all over the world on the Peloton Leaderboard! Enjoy a little healthy competition or hide it to stay in the zone. Want to motivate another Member? Send a high-five through the Leaderboard to show the community some love.

3. Got a music lover who needs a beat to stay motivated and locked in? Every track played in class appears on the side of the screen with the option to save it to a custom Peloton playlist to take off the Bike and out into the world.

4. Track improvements in performance by viewing the workout summary within your Peloton profile and look out for a monthly recap email from Peloton breaking down your month-over-month activity.

5. Take your workouts with you wherever you go! Peloton Members get free access to the Peloton App (available for iPhone and Android) to allow them to tap into their Peloton classes, including yoga, meditation, strength training, stretching, and outdoor running, wherever they are.

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6. Gain an incredible fitness community via The Official Peloton Member Page. Our Facebook group is 200k strong and growing, and it’s where Peloton Members come together to share their stories, ask question and support other Members from all over the world.

7. Get access to our Homecoming celebration! You’ll meet all your favorite instructors, hear the latest updates directly from Team Peloton, and meet those Members you’ve been working hard with on the Leaderboard all year long to make real-life, long-lasting connections.

8. Get inspired and find motivation from our incredible lineup of Member stories that we share on our blog, The Output. You’ll receive curated fitness and lifestyle content that supports you in hitting your goals and living your best fitness life.

9. Celebrate all your successes along the way at your local Peloton showroom! Members get access to panels, parties, and events and can even sign up for their next milestone ride and celebrate with Team Peloton.

10. Connect with other Members through your Peloton profile and keep each other accountable for clipping into your next workout on whatever schedule works for you. Our Here Now leaderboard lets you see who is riding live with you in any class you take, so your community, family and friends can ride together at your convenience.

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Ready to Give The Bike? Here’s What You Need To Know

1. Fitting the Bike into a small space? Here are 6 different ways our Members fit their Bike into their home.

2. Get your new Peloton Member excited to ride with Peloton Apparel; it’s the perfect way to welcome someone to the community.

3. Ensure that they find the time to ride by sharing these hacks from some of our busiest and most devoted Members--our Peloton parents!

Clip in this holiday season