Our Newest Peloton Features Will Make Your Workouts Even Better

By PelotonUpdated June 30, 2020


Inspired by your feedback and created for even better workouts, our two all-new Peloton features will allow you to feel more focused, more in control and more motivated as you work towards your next milestone. Here’s what you need to know about Target Metrics (Bike) and Custom Audio (Bike and Tread).

Target Metrics: Bike

Before you clip into any class, you can preview the range of cadence and resistance to find the perfect class for your training goals, or even just your mood that day. Once you’re riding, if you’re in the zone and miss a cue, you’ll see target ranges displayed on your screen above both your cadence and resistance numbers to help you stay on track. Try out this new feature using any on-demand class available on the Bike.

Custom Audio: Bike & Tread

Set the tone with sound by customizing the audio for your preferred class experience. You now have three settings to choose from that let you find your perfect balance between grooving to the music and hearing the instructor. Press the volume button on the side of your touchscreen to access this feature--it works with both headphones and speakers.

  • Original Mix - Equal parts instructor and music.

  • More Instructor - Lowers the music volume and raises the instructor’s volume.

  • More Music - Lowers the instructor's volume and increases the music volume.

This feature will be available on both the Bike and Tread in any on-demand class aired after 5/1/2019.

Keep your metrics on track on your Bike and experience your class loud and clear with our Custom Audio feature on the Bike or Tread!