10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Took My First Tread Class


10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Took My First Tread Class

Instructor Adrian Williams and Members of our community weigh in.

By Dana Meltzer ZepedaJanuary 13, 2021

Maybe you're brand new to running or perhaps you're a former high school track star who's never set foot on a treadmill before. Or maybe, just maybe, you're a busy professional trying to juggle remote work, distance learning and a regular workout routine during these uncertain times.

Regardless of your history, Peloton Tread classes are designed for everyone. “Whether you are a beginner or a high-level athlete, we have content for every walk of life,” says Peloton instructor Adrian Williams. Of course, he knows best; from HIIT runs to recovery runs, bootcamps to hikes, you’re sure to find something that hits the spot every time. “Growth is the most essential part of this journey and that never ends.”

Here, Adrian and some of our Members share everything you need to know before crushing your first Peloton Tread class. Read on their top 10 insider tips and tricks below.

1. Be Kind to Yourself

“The number one thing I always try to convey to people taking a Tread class for the first time is to be kind to yourself,” Adrian says. “Trying something for the first time that is out of your comfort zone can be intimidating, and that’s okay. We are there to help you facilitate change, but also build confidence that translates outside of the Tread. The instructors on our team are some of the warmest humans on the planet. Small, attainable goals are some of the best ways to create sustainable habits.”

2. Give Yourself Plenty of Time

“If your class starts at 9:30, get in there at 9:00,” says Member Shane S. “Take a warm-up walk. Take a pre-run, warm-up stretch. Plan to cool down and stretch post-class. You'll have a better workout and you won't be sore tomorrow, so you can play with your new Tread again! If you are taking a 30-minute class, give yourself 45 to 60 minutes for these extra classes. Your body will thank you.”

3. Check Your Settings

“I wish I had known about setting the speed shortcuts before my first class!” says Member Karen M. “Those are so helpful for super short intervals. Speed shortcuts allow you to go directly to one of those three preset speeds instead of rolling back the speed knob on the right. I personally find it the fastest way to get from sprint to walk or sprint to jog, so it helps me make the most of my sprints and recoveries.”

4. Dress Appropriately

“Invest in a good sports bra,” says Member Renaye G. “Also, get a sports water bottle and make sure you have clothes appropriate for running. There's no time for leggings falling down during a run!”

5. Have Your Gear Ready to Go

“Make sure you have a towel and water bottle,” says Member Caitlin A. “Pair your headphones and heart rate monitor ahead of time if you have them. Don't forget to tie your shoes tightly and clip on the safety clip!”

6. These Classes Are a Safe Space

“The most important thing for me is to create a safe, inclusive space,” Adrian says. “Whether that’s having a good time, laughter, chasing your goals or providing some sort of mental clarity, I want people to ultimately feel challenged to become better versions of themselves.”

7. You Can Mix It Up

“If diversifying your training is what you are looking for, we have you covered,” Adrian says. “Classes can vary depending on your individual goals. We offer a variety of types of running classes and bootcamps so that everyone has something that is applicable to them. Whether your goal is to move, walk, try distance running, get faster or build endurance or strength, we explore all variables so that each Peloton Tread user is able to attain their fitness goals, small or large.”

8. Try to Stop Comparing Yourself

“Don’t worry about the Leaderboard,” says Member Kristi P. “There are all sorts of paces on there. Just make sure you’re putting in the effort you’re looking to get out of the class.”

9. You Won't Always PR (and That's Okay!)

“Some days we aren’t going to have it,” Adrian says. “By 'it,' I mean that same motivation and drive. We have to remember why we made the commitment in the first place. If you can channel that same intention that you had when you first started, it can help push you through the mental barrier that we sometimes create when things become challenging or difficult. There are so many Members who may be experiencing that same sentiment as you. Use that Leaderboard as a tool for empowerment!”

10. You’re Going to Feel Amazing Afterward

“What we do on the Tread is more than just sweating and working out,” Adrian says. “Building mental fortitude and getting through something challenging multiple days a week can have so many benefits in other parts of your life. I like to think that when someone is training with me, I am helping them create good habits physically, mentally, emotionally. Good habits can change the way you live and improve your overall health.”

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