Now on The Tread: Susie Chan and Jermaine Johnson

Now on The Tread: Susie Chan and Jermaine Johnson

By PelotonUpdated September 15, 2021


Now on The Tread: Susie Chan and Jermaine Johnson

Meet our first-ever UK running instructors.

Running. Some people are born to do it, others come upon it suddenly, rounding one of life’s corners one day to discover a funny urge to pull on that old pair of runners.

Whichever camp you’re in, the important thing is that you’ve discovered the pure joy of running. And you might have discovered that it always helps to have an inspiring motivator leading from the front. Someone to run alongside you and help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

And that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce not one, but two new UK Tread instructors who know exactly what it takes to leave the Tread with an enthusiasm to see it again soon: Susie Chan and Jermaine Johnson.

Join the PB Party

Once a museum and gallery worker by day, and party girl by night, Susie seemed an unlikely running star. But when her brother convinced her to take part in a half-marathon, there was no turning back. That seems like an understatement though, given her achievements. To recap: a four-time Marathon des Sables finisher; a world-record breaker for the longest treadmill run (just the 12 hours); races in Costa Rica, Africa and all over the UK; sponsorship, coaching qualifications; and now one of the most recognisable faces in the British running community.

Not bad for someone who once hated the idea of running. In fact, it’s this unique journey that gives Susie her Instructor groove—and you’re invited for the ride.

The Best Version of You

Given her story, it’s no wonder Susie believes everyone can be a runner, setting you up for success by focusing on technique, comfort, and ticking off achievable targets, regardless of your age or ability. She knows more than most how hard it is to even turn up, let alone smash your goals.

So, her classes are a unique Susie blend of enthusiasm, encouragement, belief, inspiration—and let’s face it, perspiration. You can’t bottle what Susie does, but her classes are the next best thing.

Charming the Capital

Next up is Jermaine. London born and raised, he has a real affection for the city that he loves to call home. Growing up in the capital has helped make Jermaine the person he is today—resilient and driven, he’s never been one to just sit back and see how the cards fall. He’s sought out opportunity through hard work and hustle with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye.

A lifelong student of movement, he originally found his confidence through boxing. And as a natural athlete, he loved the footwork and deft grace of the sport which soon led him to embrace the discipline of dance. He’s too humble to blow his own trumpet, but if you get lucky, you might catch the odd story in one of his classes about his time in dance. It was a career that took him all over the world to perform with some of the biggest names in music.

Dancing to Your Own Tune

Seeing first-hand the toll that a hectic dance schedule can have on an athlete’s body, JJ soon adjusted his fitness philosophy to one of longevity, to play the long game. Never one to smash his body just for the sake of it, he now works out with one eye on being able to keep training for many years to come. And once you’ve seen how rewarding his classes are, that’s good news for everyone!

We should look forward to and treasure our time exercising.

There’s only so much you can get to know someone through words on a screen, so why not get to know the guys a little better by joining them on their Premiere Runs. They’ll be coming live from our new studio in London, and you can join them at the start of their Peloton journey.