Why You Should Start Your Sundays With Ally Love

Why You Should Start Your Sundays With Ally Love

By PelotonUpdated October 18, 2020


Ally Love’s signature ride series, Sundays With Love, returns for season 2 on Sunday, October 18. Sundays With Love is all about creating a sensation of deep connection with yourself and with fellow Members up and down the Leaderboard, wherever they may be. You’ll explore a new virtue on the Bike every week, from compassion and selflessness to honesty and unity, through a challenging roadmap that will leave you believing in yourself and the power of community.

Ally is bringing back everything our Members loved the most in season 1, including sharing stories from the inspiring Peloton community that exemplify the weekly virtue and an epic climb component of each workout designed to bring you closer to your highest self. As 2020 comes to a close, Sundays With Love will meet us where we are as we find togetherness in the Peloton community.

Ally Love starts her Sundays with music. She’ll listen to the playlist for the class she’s about to teach as she gets in the zone. “I’m preparing myself to be used as a vessel,” says Ally. “Sundays With Love is not about Ally Love at all. It’s about you spending time with yourself. It’s you spending time getting spiritually grounded through a class that is thought-provoking and physically challenging. It’s putting you in a position to reclaim agency and own your power.”

With the combination of a challenging roadmap that heightens and complements the mental, emotional and spiritual prompts that Ally cues along the way, Sundays With Love asks you to clip into your Bike ready to engage with mind, body and spirit. From speaking with Members in-studio last year and via direct messages on social media, Ally’s heard from many Members who've found that the class is just the thing they needed. “This was the class that re-centered them, that allowed them to get connected with mind, body and spirit,” she says. “It’s also a class that ultimately reconnects them with their faith or the universe, or with a higher power.” If Sundays With Love has one purpose, it’s to help you find yours.

"Sundays With Love is truly for everyone. If you feel like you’re different, you belong. If you’re struggling and are in those dark moments, you belong. We’ve all been there, and we rally around that."

- Ally Love

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On the Bike, there’s an undeniable power to confronting yourself in the last seconds of a Tabata interval or the crest of a climb that seemed impossible at the start, and we’d reckon that this sensation is exponentially multiplied when shared with thousands of fellow Members on the Leaderboard. “The concept of unity is heightened in Sundays With Love,” says Ally. “The class isn’t necessarily about whatever you need—it’s about whatever is being offered that day.” Everyone’s on the same journey, for the exact same amount of time, which is part and parcel of what makes Sundays With Love so motivating and uplifting. “We’re all focused on the exact same virtue, and we’re going to conquer each obstacle in this roadmap together,” she says. Every pedal stroke of the way, Ally will remind you that you’re not alone in your effort, and you need only look to the Leaderboard for proof.

Whether you took every class in season 1 or are excited to join in, Ally has a feeling that showing up for Sundays With Love will become one of your favorite rituals. “Sundays With Love is truly for everyone,” says Ally. “If you feel like you’re different, you belong. If you’re struggling and are in those dark moments, you belong. We’ve all been there and felt that because life is tough, and we rally around that. Our stories are all a little bit different, but our wants and needs are all the same.” We can’t think of a better way to spend a self-care Sunday than to be surrounded by the palpable (albeit virtual) support of thousands, and Ally agrees: “Our Members prioritize true self-care by taking care of their mind, body and spirit on this ride. To have thousands of Members live on the Leaderboard every Sunday is a tangible takeaway that this moment isn't just a ride, it’s a space for us to sincerely come together in real time.” We think that everyone deserves to feel this sense of belonging, and Ally is carving out a space that’s all yours. “For those of you who have never taken Sundays With Love, suit up! This is your time—it’s made just for you.”