Here are 3 Workouts Perfect for a Snow Day

By PelotonUpdated June 30, 2020


Those of us used to wintry conditions know that the easiest thing to do on a snow day is absolutely nothing. A marathon of your favorite show may be more appealing than attempting to still fit in your workout, but Peloton Tread instructor Matty Maggiacomo challenges you to try and strike a balance. Just ahead of peak winter season, we talked with Matty about the reasons why you should get moving even when you’re stuck inside and how to plan a 30-minute sweat session all on Peloton Digital.

Get Outside

Possibly the hardest part of a workout on a snow day is bringing yourself to do it, but even on a lazy day you’ll be glad that you took time to tap into your strength. “You have my permission to sleep late but once you're up, use part of the day to get outside,” says Matty. “Shovel snow or take the kids sledding and then once you’re back inside, take 30 minutes for a workout on Peloton Digital.” The cold temperatures and prolonged periods of laying in bed can really do a number on the joints and the muscles,” explains Matty, which is exactly why you want to keep your strength up even if you're planning on being a little lazy. Treating snow day activities like an opportunity to celebrate your fitness rather than a burden emphasizes your commitment to not skipping a beat--that consistent forward momentum will keep your energy high and your workouts on track for the rest of the week.

Get Going

Even if you’re staying inside, you should always prep your body for a sweat session. “Activate and mobilize with a 5 or 10-minute Pre-Run Warmup on Peloton Digital,” says Matty. “Even though you're not necessarily running today, it's going to get the blood flowing and the joints lubricated.” After you’re nice and warm Matty suggest a 10-minute Glutes and Legs Strength class to target a large muscle group. “I always work glutes and legs on my cheat day or the day when I plan to consume the most calories,” he says, “and when there's nowhere to go except the refrigerator, snow days can sometimes turn into my cheat days.“ From there Matty suggests moving on to your core. “No equipment required, plus our core is where all of your warm blood flows from,” Matty explains. “You're going to quickly increase your body temperature and really start to sweat!” Choose any 10-minute Core Strength class to do the trick and once you’re done, don’t forget that stretch. “Tap in to a 10-minute Full Body Stretch,” says Matty, “after that, you’re done and you’ve earned that extended couch time.”

Get It Done

While a snow day can certainly throw us for a loop, know that it’s okay if your workout routine takes a detour. “Don't stress about not getting your run in for the day,” says Matty. “Perhaps this is mother nature's way of telling you to go easy!” To be gentle to your joints and muscles while still putting in the work, focus on more low-impact moves. “Consider more prone (planks) or supine (crunches) plus other low-impact work to allow your body to recover from your rigorous training program,” Matty says. After your workout is done and you’re back to a little R&R, take the rest of the day to relax and recharge. “After you stretch, Netflix and chill, baby--you deserve it!”