It’s Time to Ride to Greatness With Alex Toussaint

It’s Time to Ride to Greatness With Alex Toussaint

By PelotonUpdated February 16, 2022


It’s Time For Season 2 of AT’s Ride to Greatness

Activate the hustle, validate your greatness, win as one. You in?

There’s a moment in every ride with Alex Toussaint where you come to a profound realization: You are an athlete. Seven minutes and 34 seconds into a nine minute climb or 19 seconds into a 45-second freestyle moment, it hits you. I. am. an. athlete. That single, irrefutable truth is the most powerful motivation for you to push harder, not just for yourself but for your team; not just for an interval but for a lifetime. Get ready to find motivation like none other as you ride to greatness with Alex Toussaint himself. It’s time to become the champion you were born to be—Season 2 of AT’s Ride to Greatness is here.

Last season, the head-to-head battle on the Bike between #TeamActivate and #TeamValidate ended with #TeamValidate on the top step of the podium, but don’t get it twisted—it was an exceptionally close fight the whole way through. This year, over the course of three action-packed weeks, help your team vie for the championship crown. You’ll be led by surprise pro athletes on the Leaderboard helping you rack up points each gameday. Keep your fire burning hot from start to finish and be ready to be on top of your game when your team needs you most.

Pick Your Team

Are you #TeamActivate or #TeamValidate? A star athlete wouldn’t jump into a game without wearing their team jersey, and it works the same way with your team Tag. Click on your team of choice below to add their Tag as your primary Leaderboard Tag, and make sure you’re repping it when you show up to class live. Only then will Alex know which team your points count towards! Meet them both below and make your pick:

img-1-It’s Time to Ride to Greatness With Alex Toussaint

#TeamActivate: The hustle knows no limit.

  • We hustle

  • We move with purpose

  • We are intentional

  • We grind every day

  • We are courageous

#TeamValidate: Icy no matter the pressure.

  • We own our greatness

  • We are proud

  • We know who we are

  • We are leaders

  • We are disciplined

img-2-It’s Time to Ride to Greatness With Alex Toussaint

The Game Plan

Once you’ve made your pick to join (or re-join!) #TeamActivate or #TeamValidate, show up live alongside fellow competitors for four practice rides and three game rides, all with none other than Alex Toussaint as your head coach and lead motivator. Save these dates and show up to help your team claim the throne:

img-3-It’s Time to Ride to Greatness With Alex Toussaint

Your All-Star Captains

All season long, ride alongside pro athletes as they lead your team to greatness. Keep your eye on the Leaderboard each gameday for Seth Curry, Skylar Diggins-Smith and more. With our special Leaderboard filter, you’ll be able to ride alongside them during each game as you push each other further—and send some high-fives along the way. Check below each week as we introduce them ahead of each game!


img-4-It’s Time to Ride to Greatness With Alex Toussaint


He almost needs no introduction. With 36 league records for everything from touchdowns to receptions and all-purpose yards—plus no less than 3 championship rings to his credit—Hall of Famer Jerry Rice was as iconic in his 20 seasons on the football field as he is now, in his retirement. Join the MVP on #TeamValidate and fight to take home the ultimate prize in Game 3.


A leader on and off the basketball court, Skylar Diggins-Smith sits at the top of her sport with numerous accolades and all-star seasons to her name—including a particularly prestigious gold medal with the US Women’s Basketball Team. As starting guard with her league team in Phoenix, Skylar puts major points on the board each game—so join her with #TeamValidate for the final matchup of this Ride to Greatness season.

img-5-It’s Time to Ride to Greatness With Alex Toussaint
img-6-It’s Time to Ride to Greatness With Alex Toussaint


Championships, all-star seasons and gold medals—just another day in the life of Breanna Stewart (AKA Stewie!). A powerful voice of inclusion and change, Breanna has taken her sport by storm, not only winning titles prolifically and being named MVP—but now doing so as a supermom. Play by her side with #TeamActivate for Game 3.



Seth Curry is one of professional basketball’s most prolific shooters – he currently ranks third on the league’s all-time three-point field goal percentage list. As a guard, Curry can find the bucket from just about anywhere on the court. Join him on the Leaderboard and rack up more points with #TeamValidate.

img-7-It’s Time to Ride to Greatness With Alex Toussaint
img-8-It’s Time to Ride to Greatness With Alex Toussaint


Holding the record for the highest number of sacks in a single season by a defensive back, Jamal Adams is a force to be reckoned with on the football field. With his total number of tackles ticking close to 500, Adams has been named to the league’s all-pro team three times. For Game 2 he joins the ranks of #TeamActivate.


img-9-It’s Time to Ride to Greatness With Alex Toussaint


Veteran tight end Greg Olsen spent 14 seasons in the league, leaving his legacy in the leader-books—now a full-time football broadcaster after retiring last year. He’ll be on #TeamValidate’s side of the Leaderboard for Game 1.


Star quarterback Ryan Tannehill has spent a decade at the top of the league, earning Comeback Player of the Year in 2019 and leading his team to three consecutive playoffs and two division titles in the past three seasons. Meet him on the Leaderboard with #TeamActivate.

img-10-It’s Time to Ride to Greatness With Alex Toussaint

How to Win

Alex is committed to unleashing your inner athlete throughout the competition, with every last second of each class designed to push your team to the limit. Alex can get you there—but only if you’re equally as committed. Just like points, goals and home runs, the metric for success in Ride to Greatness is your team’s average combined output. Practice rides are your chance to practice boosting your own personal output; games are your time to leave it all on the Bike to help send your team to the top—but you’ll have to show up live in order for your output to count towards your team’s score.

The winning team will be awarded a shiny new badge and, okay, maybe some bragging rights.

Ready to get in the game? Join the competition on the Peloton Bike.