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Peloton Instructor Olivia Amato’s Week In Workout Outfits

Peloton Instructor Olivia Amato’s Week In Workout Outfits

The new Fall Apparel collection takes center stage in these seven looks.

By Adina AnandUpdated September 11, 2020


Peloton instructors are your fitness role models, to be sure, but have you ever taken a class where you just can’t stop admiring what they’re wearing? The apparel our instructors wear to teach in is not only functional, but also allows you a glimpse into their unique personalities. Through color (neons!), pattern (leopard!), fabric (metallics!) and cut (custom crops!), there’s plenty of inspiration to go around for your own fitness wardrobe.

If you’ve ever taken a class with Olivia Amato on the Bike, Tread or floor, you’ve probably picked up on her penchant for glitter, bandanas, eye-catching bra and legging pairs and a signature high ponytail. And, if you follow her on Instagram, you’ve likely taken notice that her flair for style extends outside of teaching classes and into her streetwear.

Naturally, with the arrival of our new Fall Apparel collection, we were curious to see how Olivia would style up the pieces for both teaching classes and just hanging out. Here, she takes us through seven outfits from the new collection, complete with her favorite personal touches.

Look #1: She’s With The Band

img-1-Peloton Instructor Olivia Amato’s Week In Workout Outfits

These leggings aren’t just for moving fast, they’re also for feeling like a boss around town (or, the grocery store). Says Olivia, “this dusty rose/red is my favorite color right now. I love throwing a band tee or a fun jacket over a matching set with a cool pair of sunglasses!”

Look #2: Glitter Goes With Everything

img-2-Peloton Instructor Olivia Amato’s Week In Workout Outfits

Remember the aforementioned glitter that Olivia loves so much? It’s showing up big time in look #2. She pairs the dusty rose leggings with its matching bra, and throws over one of her (many) fun jackets. “This way it’s easy AND you can mix and match,” she says.

Look #3: Pink on Pink on Pink

img-3-Peloton Instructor Olivia Amato’s Week In Workout Outfits

When it’s time to hit the Tread to teach at PSNY, Olivia’s go-to is a matching bra and leggings set from the new collection. “Really loving this color, and the fabric on this set is perfect for a low impact workout or just to hang out in!” she says. Notice the matching bandana on her wrist? Channel the color-coordination theme of the collection in your choice of accessories, too!

Look #4: Dog Mom, Chilling

img-4-Peloton Instructor Olivia Amato’s Week In Workout Outfits

Yes, our instructors do indeed take rest days. Says Olivia, “New Peloton dad hat + 1/4 zip sweatshirt = comfort perfection for days when you just wanna chill.” More than just high-tech fabrics to sweat in, the Fall Apparel collection has you covered for your rest days, too (Tobi not included).

Look #5: Make It Your Own

img-5-Peloton Instructor Olivia Amato’s Week In Workout Outfits

All black everything--it’s the New York City way. Olivia’s favorite t-shirt from the Fall collection is also the most versatile: “Wear it with jeans or leggings, regular, tied or cropped!”

Look #6: Sweat In Style

img-6-Peloton Instructor Olivia Amato’s Week In Workout Outfits

“Nothing like a matching set to crush a workout in,” says Olivia. We agree. When the workout’s over but you love the look too much to change entirely, just “add a jacket or cropped sweatshirt/shirt so you can wear it from the Bike, Tread or mat straight to the street!”

Look #7: When The Weather’s Just Right

img-7-Peloton Instructor Olivia Amato’s Week In Workout Outfits

Last but not least, Olivia’s serving up a weekend outfit that’s perfect for the autumnal East Coast weather. Or, as Olivia describes it, “sweatshirt and shorts weather is my favorite!” Like your Peloton workouts, don’t forget that you can make your apparel your own. Olivia loves to “crop or tie [her] sweatshirts and crewnecks for a better fit.”