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The One Peloton Class I'll Always Remember...

The One Peloton Class I'll Always Remember...

When fitness is a part of your life, it becomes a part of your memories, too.

By Dana Meltzer ZepedaUpdated June 30, 2020


Life can sometimes be unpredictable, but one thing you can always rely on is your Peloton. Regardless of whether you're brand new to the Peloton community or you've just completed your 100th ride, you'll soon discover that hitting milestones with any of our world-class instructors is a special kind of satisfaction--and sometimes, the milestone is simply making the time to work out when lots of people would choose to quit. We recently asked Members of our community to reflect on their most memorable days with Peloton. Read on to find out what they had to say.

Moving On After a Divorce

Lindsay R. bought her Peloton after a difficult separation from her now ex-husband. Since then, it has been a lifeline for her to start over after the end of her marriage. “My first ride was a beginner ride with Denis,” says Lindsay R. “It was the start of my new beginning. The bike was a big investment and, coming from a relationship that included financial abuse, just the act of purchasing the bike was freeing for me. It wouldn’t have happened if I was still married.”

“I also see my Peloton as an investment in myself. While I was married, my husband didn’t invest in me and I didn’t invest in myself. I have long neglected my physical and emotional health, so the class was not only encouraging but it reminded me that I am worth it and that I'm not alone on this journey.”

“I struggle with anxiety and depression, so being active is really beneficial for me, not only physically but mentally. The Peloton community is amazing. The classes are fun and push me, and I think taking time to devote to myself and my well-being is going to really help me cope.”

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Graduating From College

Kylie B. has always been athletic, but juggling homework, a busy social life and fitness wasn't always in the cards for the Bowling Green State University grad. “My stepdad introduced me to Peloton and I was hooked from day one,” she says. “I wouldn’t say I was too stressed for graduation in undergrad, more relieved, really. Now, after graduating from undergrad and going to grad school at Midwestern University, classes are harder and time is limited. The days I can grab a workout on the bike are definitely a sanity saver for me!”

“All of Robin’s rides really pump me up and just get me into that mode where you just dig deep and give it all you got,” she says. “However, my favorite ride so far was Robin’s 45-minute Tabata on Tuesday March 19. It was an awesome ride with great intervals and I PR'd! I also love any of the pro-cyclist rides with George Hincapie. They also dig deep and are rides you don't feel like you can finish, but then you do and man it feels good!”

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Making Time For Mom After Baby

Ashley L. seemingly has it all. She's happily married, has three beautiful children and a successful career. But, after the birth of her third daughter, the former college athlete still felt like something was missing. “I bought the bike when my youngest was 6 months old after I went back to work post-maternity leave,” she says. “I could tell that the hustle of balancing a full-time career and three young children was wearing on me and I needed 'me' time that was actually sustainable.”

Since purchasing her Peloton, Ashley has fed her competitive spirit by carving out time to take three to four 30-minute classes each week. “Since buying the Peloton, I feel much more energetic and more like pre-baby Ashley,” she says. “Working out on the bike has given me back time to myself. Most days it’s the only 30 minutes that’s actually dedicated to me.”

“One of my first rides was with Cody Rigsby, who still remains my favorite instructor! He said, 'This may be the only few minutes of your day that you’re not managing other peoples’ needs. Enjoy it.' That spoke to me. I do spend most of my days catering to other peoples’ needs...making lunches, getting kiddos dressed, balancing my career. He reminded me that I didn’t need to feel selfish for wanting time to myself to feel good and work out. I can't imagine life without a Peloton.”

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Losing a Loved One

Katie L. was devastated when her mom passed away from cancer earlier this year, but she credits the Peloton community with helping her cope. “Last January I was gifted a Peloton bike from my family,” she says. “I quickly became obsessed and understood the Peloton addiction. Two weeks later, my mother passed away after a long, brutal, three-and-a-half year fight against pancreatic cancer.”

“My motivation for life was at an all-time low,” she says. “The one thing that helped me escape was clipping into my newfound love. During those 30 to 45 minutes, I felt alive. I rode my heart out and smiled like a Cheshire Cat when I was high-fived.”

“On May 20th, I clipped in for a 30-minute class with Ally Love. At one point during the ride, Ally was discussing how sometimes we don’t have a cheerleader or squad cheering us on. Sometimes we wake up every day knowing no one is there to cheer us on and we still just have to do it. Ally’s words really spoke to me, I had just lost my biggest cheerleader and was really struggling to make sense out of life. I remember pushing through that ride with tears streaming down my face, it was a therapeutic moment for me. I finished the class 7,141 out of 14,339. The ride was not my best as far as performance, but I got off that bike feeling mentally and physically stronger and remembering that my mom is still rooting for me.”