Mythbusting 7 Common Misconceptions About Peloton

Mythbusting 7 Common Misconceptions About Peloton

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By Lauren Brown West-RosenthalUpdated December 20, 2022


Ever since I got my Peloton Bike, I’ve had many friends, family members and acquaintances inquire about how it works and why I love it. I’ve convinced many to purchase their own by simply explaining that, pre-Peloton, I dreaded working out and made every excuse not to. But now that I’ve welcomed Peloton into my home, I actually look forward to working out—and even get frustrated when I can’t.

Some friends have embraced Peloton with me, while others still need convincing. I get it. There are a lot of misconceptions out there, after all. We asked our community to bust some of the biggest myths about Peloton, so prospective Members can truly know what the experience is like.

Misconception #1: You Need to Be Physically Fit to Start

Reality: “I was a complete newbie to cycling who hadn't worked out consistently in years when I got my Peloton Bike in March 2021,” says Member Laura O. “I worked through the Mastering the Basics Program and now can handle almost any class, maintaining cadence and resistance. The intro videos and classes make it easy to learn the basics needed.”

Misconception #2: “I Won’t Use It Enough.”

Reality: Sure, some weeks, you might get on your Peloton Bike or Tread just once or twice. “But if you’re not working out at all, then getting it and only using it once in a week would still be a win, right?” says Member Nicole W. (And besides, once you get to know our world-class instructors and start exploring the extensive selection of classes on demand, you might surprise yourself with how frequently you want to dive back in.)

Misconception #3: You Have to Pay the Full Cost up Front

Reality: There are flexible payment plan options available, so you can choose what’s right for your budget.

For many in the Peloton community, the monthly expense works out to be less than they used to spend on gym memberships. Take Member Suzanne F., who was spending over $300 a month on various studios and classes pre-pandemic—and with work demands and travel, she hardly went. But with Peloton, her monthly payment plan for the Bike cost under $100, and now she spends just $40 per month for the membership. And there’s an added bonus: “I can take the Peloton App to a hotel gym or use bodyweight workouts in a hotel room,” she says. “That pays for consistency I couldn’t have before.”

Misconception #4: It’s Just a Passing Fad

Reality: Nicole gets particularly frustrated by the notion that owning a Peloton Bike is trendy. “This is the evolution of indoor cycling for convenience—not just a fad,” she says. “That said, don't hate on yourself if you’re a fan, have friends who ride regularly and need to be a part of this to satisfy your FOMO.”

Misconception #5: The Peloton Bike or Tread Is Left on Your Doorstep

Reality: No, you’re not left to your own devices when it comes to setting up and bringing your new Peloton Bike or Tread into your home. “Buying Peloton equipment is a premium experience,” Member Susan R. says. “Sales and delivery folks are patient, kind and happy for you.”

Misconception #6: The Instructors Are Watching You

Reality: Member Juli K. wants to scream it from the rooftops: The instructors cannot see you while you work out at home. “I have friends that were reluctant because of the camera on the Peloton Bike+, but live classes usually have a thousand people on them. How in the world do you think they could see and interact with each individual?” she points out. It’s true, the instructors can’t see you through the screen—but they will still find ways to motivate you with their words during a workout.

Misconception #7: “I’ll Get Bored.”

The interactivity on the screen is both a “reality check and motivating,” Susan says. “You’re served up opportunities to encourage and congratulate others and vice versa.” Plus there’s a depth and breadth of quality content. “The instructors are diverse in style as well as background,” she adds. “Peloton keeps adding workout types, which means you have to try very hard to be bored!”

Ready to join the Peloton community? Here’s how to get started while you wait for your Bike or Tread delivery.

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