meet peloton row

Meet Peloton Row

Our latest low-impact, high-reward workout is ready for you.

By Colleen TraversUpdated September 19, 2022


You’ve been patiently waiting—and now it’s finally here. Peloton is expanding its fitness family and introducing Peloton Row, the rowing machine that will give you a full-body workout combined with the experience you already love on the Peloton Bike, Bike+, and Tread. Want to learn more? Let’s look at what you can expect with Row.

Why Row?

You know that you need a mix of cardioand strength training to attain full-body wellness, gain strength, and see noticeable results when it comes to your fitness goals. Well, rowing happens to be an incredibly efficient way to combine the two. With every stroke, you’re using 86 percent of your muscles, and in 15 minutes or less, you can get an efficient workout that checks off your cardio and strength training for the day.

Just like the variety of classes on the Peloton Bike and Peloton Tread, rowing can be for any fitness level. No matter if you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, you’re getting a low-impact class that’s gentle on the joints but still gives you a serious sweat when you need it.

Features That Help You Level Up

Peloton Row will be your partner in progress, especially if you’re new to rowing. With features like Form Assist, you’ll get real-time correction on your stroke to help you spot points of improvement and strengthen your stroke during a class or Just Row session. Post-class, you’ll get a Form Rating and Insights dashboard that will provide a breakdown of your performance and progress and give you tips for the next time you row.

And just like instructors give ranges for things like output, cadence, or incline in other Peloton Bike and Tread classes, you’ll be working with your Personal Pace Target each time you row. Personal Pace Targets help you follow the intensities cued by instructors so that you know how hard you should be working in every interval. They make every class challenging and motivating, regardless of where you are in your fitness journey.

You’ll get all this in addition to other Row-specific metrics and the classic Peloton community features that keep you motivated, including the Leaderboard, ability to high five, Tags, and more. And of course, our world-class rowing instructors will be there to guide you through a variety of exciting classes—including HIIT, endurance, intervals, and Row Bootcamp—for all levels.

Row Fits (Literally) Into Your Life

Perfect for home gyms, apartment dwellers, and everything in between, Peloton Row wants to help you get fit without being a nuisance. Its ergonomic seat and handlebars ensure comfort and efficiency during workouts, and every stroke is nearly silent, which means you can row any time of day or night without waking the entire house up. Plus, Row is also vertically stowable with the Upright Wall Anchor (you can tilt it up and secure it against the wall) to maximize space.

Use Peloton Row as your standalone workout or as a complement to other Peloton classes. Get ready to tap into your mind and body connection to cultivate strength inside and out.