How Tags Unite the Peloton Community

How Tags Unite the Peloton Community

By PelotonUpdated October 19, 2020


The Peloton community is filled with inspiration, hustle and Members who unconditionally support one another. Our Tags feature was inspired by the sub-communities that came together online as a result of Members connecting over shared interests on the Leaderboard—whether that’s an alma mater, favorite instructor or sports team (and so much more!). With Tags, Members can represent not only their Leaderboard name but also the many facets of their identity. Below, meet three of our Members featured in our #MyPelotonReason commercial and the Tags they show up with.

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Leaderboard Name: PeloYom

Leaderboard Tag: #PelotonTeachers

Yom is a mother to three kids under age 10—and a Peloton Bike. “My Peloton is our fourth kid, and my son Benji actually named it ‘Cookie.’” Cookie became a member of Yom’s family just over a year ago, and since then, she’s achieved over 1,200 rides. When she’s not running after her kids, who are currently remotely learning in the family’s tight New York City apartment, Yom is a high school world history and civics teacher—who is also remotely instructing her own students. “It’s a little bit bananas!” she says. “Every day, I sign my kids into their Zooms, and then I sign on to teach my students. At any given time, there are at least three out of the five members of my family on a Zoom, all at once. I never know what’s going to happen or who’s going to need my help: my children or my students.”

With a jam-packed schedule from day to night, Yom is on her Bike no later than 5 AM, seven days a week. Also awake at that hour? Fellow teachers. “I ride with the Tag #PelotonTeachers,” says Yom. “It's five o'clock in the morning, most of the world is asleep … but I have my teammates on the Leaderboard, people who I've never met, pushing me to keep going, to do a little bit better.” As someone who gives so much to others in her day-to-day life, Yom brings that same spirit to the Bike. “I love when I see somebody who's on their 10th ride, or it's part of a streak, or they're on their 200th ride. I think it's amazing,” says Yom. “To be able to give out a high five and maybe know that high five in that moment is the encouragement they need to keep going is a really great feeling.”

For Yom, the #PelotonTeachers Tag is a way to keep representing what’s most important to her while giving back to herself, no matter which Peloton class she taps into (strength with Chase Tucker and airport yoga with Kristin McGee are off-the-Bike favorites). “In the midst of everything, it's nice to have a community of strong individuals who are teaching the next generation, and to ride with fellow teachers who are every day, in a variety of ways, giving so much of themselves,” says Yom. “It makes me feel really empowered. It’s a connection to a community that I can't see, but we share lots of bonds, whether it's educating our future leaders or climbing the Leaderboard while on our Peloton.”

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Leaderboard Name: SeanB4Dawn

Leaderboard Tag: #Vets

Sean’s home garage gym is filled with memorabilia from his time in the U.S. Army Special Forces. Flags and posters line the walls, medals fill the shelves and a Peloton Bike lives right in the middle of it all. Sean served the U.S. Army for nine years, first as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division and then as a Green Beret in the Special Forces. When his wife became pregnant with their first son, he left the service behind for business school, and is now a busy professional and dad to two young boys.

Sean’s first Peloton ride was with Robin Arzon in a hotel gym. “She was tougher on me than a drill sergeant!” says Sean, and he was instantly hooked. Since bringing the Bike home, Sean lives up to his Leaderboard name and is in the saddle before 6 AM most days of the week, but as a busy dad, life can be unpredictable. “Life never really stops, but if you can pause for 30 or 40 minutes, you can get a Peloton workout in. I can have a great workout in any window I get in the middle of the day,” he says.

Sean’s Tags tell you almost as much about him as does the inside of his gym. His list includes #BlackLivesMatter, #BeatNavy (for United States Military Academy grads) and #PelotonATL, but his Leaderboard Tag #Vets is the community he finds himself motivated by the most. “What gives me an extra push is when I have a fellow vet that's about to pass me on a ride, or is really challenging me on a ride, and it's really competitive. They might give me a high five, and that gives me an extra push to not let them pass me on the Leaderboard,” says Sean.

But the veteran community is just one sub-community that Sean belongs to; he also persuaded his brother and sister to join the Peloton family. “We text back and forth about, ‘This class was awesome! Have you done Alex Toussaint’s Michael Jordan class? Have you done this other class?’ Peloton is definitely a community, but even within that community, my family has formed our own where we bond over all things Peloton.”

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Leaderboard Name: BGTESQ

Leaderboard Tag: #BlackGirlMagic

Brittany’s first foray into the Peloton world was via the Black Girl Magic group, and in true Peloton spirit, they took her under their wing. “Immediately when I joined, I discovered it was a group of women who are so dedicated to taking care of themselves,” says Brittany. “They indicate what the best Peloton classes are. We talk about wardrobe and what works best for our bodies. We talk about the instructors and what type of vibe you get from them when you get on the Bike.” But to Brittany, #BlackGirlMagic is so much more than a Facebook group or Leaderboard Tag. “Black Girl Magic has become a community so much so that if someone's going through a rough time, you tell our group how you're feeling, and we all provide each other with support. And like I tell them all the time, I don't know any of them personally, but I feel like we're all friends.”

Professionally, Brittany works as an attorney and Assistant Director of Student Competition Teams at a law school. “I always knew that I wanted to be a public defender,” says Brittany. “Meaning that I was going to be helping people, and not just anybody, but people who are poor, people who are disenfranchised.” Long and emotionally draining days are the norm for Brittany, but she recharges on her Peloton Bike. With a two-year-old daughter (who is “as sassy as her momma!”) waiting for her at home after work, how does Brittany make sure she gets a ride in? “I schedule my Bike day ahead of time, and I put it on the calendar. It's something that I'm looking forward to, and it gives me the release that I need after a really busy day doing dual jobs,” she says. We can’t think of a better release than a sweaty ride, but Brittany takes her cardio a step further and loves to dance on the Bike. “I recently took a 20-minute Hip Hop ride with Kendall, and I had to stop and twerk a little bit because I had no choice. The music was amazing.”

Riding with the #BlackGirlMagic Tag has proven to be a life-affirming experience for Brittany, both on and off the Bike. Brittany recalls, “Recently I was on a ride, and I was struggling because I was emotional. Right when I was getting to the point where I thought I was going to break down and really have a good cry, one of my #BlackGirlMagic friends high fived me, and it pushed me to get going. No matter what you're going through because life is full of ebbs and flows and ups and downs, that group is going to support you. That's why I say, even though I don't know them personally, they're all my friends.”

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