How The LGBTQ+ Peloton Group Celebrates Pride Each And Every Day

By PelotonUpdated October 14, 2019


From his very first class, the energy that Peloton provided Member Jacob Riha was unrivaled. While he and his husband were both hooked on the Bike itself, it was the growing community of Peloton friends that kept him coming back. To help support their fitness even further, Jacob decided to start the first LGBTQ+ Member group on Facebook to bring the friends he loved riding with on the Leaderboard closer. “The goal for the group was simply to provide a safe space for like-minded people who have a love for Peloton and an affinity to the LGBTQ community,” says Jacob. “We welcome people who identify as LGBTQ and those who are our allies--our group is all about love! No hate allowed.”

Since starting the group back in March 2017, Jacob has found that the discussion is so much greater than just Peloton classes, and supports Member in so many other important aspects of their lives. “I’ve seen support come in all sorts of ways,” says Jacob. “From people encouraging each other’s fitness goals, virtual high-fives or sharing personal stories about coming out and an allies pathway to acceptance.” Wherever the discussion may go, it’s always love that’s ultimately felt within the feed. “The LGBTQ+ community is one that thrives on support and love, and that is extremely apparent in our group.”

Pride month is an important time for Jacob to reflect on why his community is so valuable to him, and how the conversations about Pride continue to create change and progress. “For me, Pride month is about shining a light and bringing visibility to the entire LGBTQ+ community (identifying members and allies) and the work that is still needed for equality and acceptance,” says Jacob. “Pride provides a space for conversations to happen around acceptance and celebrating differences.” Starting the LGBTQ+ Ally Facebook group has definitely been a tool for encouraging these important conversations and a space where all differences are celebrated. “There is a quote by Audre Lorde that often comes to mind when thinking about the importance of Pride and how it helps set the stage for acceptance,” says Jacob, “‘It is not our differences that divide us--it is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.’”