Work Out Your Way

Work Out Your Way

By PelotonUpdated June 10, 2022


Work Out Your Way

"Just Work Out" lets you do just that. We're answering all your questions about the feature.

Ever want to just…work out? Take your bike on a trail or walk the dog but still have it count toward your Peloton streak? Well now you can! Introducing our latest feature, Just Work Out—currently available on iOS devices.

How does it work?

Picture this: It's a beautiful morning, and you're in the mood to take your bike out on the road. Just open up your Peloton App on iOS, head to the Classes tab, click Just Work Out, and get moving. We’ll handle the rest from there, like tracking your route, metrics, and pace.

Will it count toward my Peloton streaks and achievements?

Absolutely. Each workout will be listed as an outdoor run, ride, or walk and count toward your daily streaks and milestones.

What about music?

Time to brush up on your playlist skills! You can listen to your own music while using Just Work Out. So whether you have a vintage 80s mixtape you love or a couple of songs that stay on repeat, you can move to the music you love.

So I can only do outdoor rides, runs and walks?

For now, yes. But we’re working hard to bring you more activity types to track with Just Work Out.

We hope you can get outside and enjoy our latest feature. We’re looking forward to seeing all the places and milestones you’ll reach with Just Work Out.