Here’s Why Yoga and Cycling Belong Together

By PelotonUpdated October 14, 2019


Yoga for indoor cycling may not seem like an obvious combination but at Wanderlust, it was clear that there’s a seamless connection between the two. As adventurous yogis filled up Squaw Valley to exercise their mind, body, and spirit, exploration was the name of the game, as they looked out for new ways to sweat.

From the moment visitor Amanda B. clipped in she pedaled straight toward a smooth mental state. “I got way more into it than what I was anticipating! I was in a fuzzy headspace before and I had a lot of thoughts going on. It was such a great opportunity to let loose and let go of those thoughts in the moment...and I know that’s a yogi saying, I get that, but it’s genuine and 100% authentic!” The endorphin rush of cycling is a thrilling complement to a zen day of meditation and calm, and the two workouts are complementary in other ways as well.“There is a yin-yang balance to the challenging stresses of cycling and the restorative properties of yoga,” explains competitive cyclist John O’Brien. The deep breathing that’s core to the practice of yoga is also critical to cycling performance, and good breathing technique will help you up and over those hills and in your everyday life.

Balancing your cycling workouts with regular stretching also allows your body to recover so your next workout is even more effective. Flexibility is believed to improve performance, reduce risk of injury, improve transport of blood and nutrients to muscles, and reduce muscle soreness, according to O’Brien, and Peloton instructor Hannah Marie Corbin agrees.“Tightness in the hips and glutes can lead to muscle imbalances and incredible discomfort in your day-to-day life. Finding length here can relieve lower back pain, which will take a load off your mind as well.” Sounds like a perfect pairing!


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