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How to Build a Family Workout Routine with Peloton

How to Build a Family Workout Routine with Peloton

Summer camp comes home.

By Catherine HopkinsonUpdated July 1, 2020


*All “Peloton Family” classes must be taken using an adult’s Peloton member login and under adult supervision.

Chances are, if you’ve got the Peloton App, being active is already important to you. That may be a value shared by your partner, if you have one, and it may not. You may have been able to instill a love of movement in your kids, or despite your best efforts, they may prefer video games. Either way, the best way to cement a love of fitness in your family — or even just kill a little bit of time here and there since a lot of kids won’t be going to summer camp this year — is to set those habits early and often. And the Peloton App can help you do that with the Fit Family series of classes.

For many Pelofamily members, being stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge, to say the least, and Peloton recognized an opportunity to help. “We've always wanted to add family content to our current class offerings, but of course with the extenuating circumstances in March through May, we realized that the need was more critical than ever,” says Tread and strength instructor Jess Sims, who also leads the Fit Family class series. “We wanted families to be able to sweat together with no equipment and experience the joy of movement.”

The Fit Family classes, found under the cardio category on the app, range in length from 5 to 20 minutes. The 5 minute Fit Family Brain Breaks are best for those with younger kids, with Jess incorporating lots of silly moves and games, like “Sims Says,” that will appeal to the littles in your life while getting their blood pumping and helping them improve their balance and core strength. Member Kelly K.’s four-year-old daughter loves these short-and-sweet classes. “Her favorites are the flamingo and surf ones,” Kelly says. Say what now? You haven’t heard of those exercises? Well, we can tell you that they’re more fun than burpees, that’s for sure.

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The 15 minute Fit Family Fun classes are geared toward kids 5 and up and may include educational asides about muscles and other physiological fun facts. Here you can really feel Jess, who taught 5th grade, 3rd grade, and kindergarten in a former life, combining her love of fitness and education. In fact, the Fit Family Fun and the 20 minute Fit Family Strong (for kids 10 and up) classes were inspired by the daily kindergarten PE class she taught as an assistant principal. “I had three main goals: to learn a little, sweat a lot, and have the most fun!” says Jess. “So that's what I wanted our Peloton families to experience, along with the sense of community in a PE class that kids were unable to get during the quarantine.”

Many parents are truly grateful for the new offerings. “My daughters are 8 and 11, and I was thrilled when I saw Peloton was offering family classes,” says Sara S. “We have been sheltering in place since early March, so having something new to do together was a win. We have tried the 5-, 15- and 20-minute classes and have liked all of them. I love how Jess explains the moves, the right form, and teaches them something about their body and how it works.”

Sharon S. has an active almost-13-year-old daughter who dances and plays soccer and basketball, and the two of them recently tried two of Jess’s 20 minute Fit Family Strong classes. “I liked Jess Sims for her since I see her as a positive role model for girls,” she says. “I find 20 minutes is a good length for kids. Otherwise they get bored.”

A lot of people see their Peloton time as “me” time, but working out with the family is a great way to instill a love of movement as well as build character. “Kids notice everything!” points out Jess. “So the more they see you incorporating healthy choices and consistent workout habits, the more likely they will want to do it. Also, jumping into these workouts with your kids is really powerful to have a shared experience and shared glazed-donut look. And working out also provides a great platform for kids to practice transferable life skills — perseverance through challenges, discipline, challenging their limits, teamwork, and so much more!”

If you tap the Collections tab on the app, and scroll to the Peloton Family collection, you’ll see Jess’ classes aren’t the only option available: “We have also done some of the family meditations,” says Sara S. “As a mom, just to have 5 quiet minutes surrounded by the people I love most, all thinking about something we are grateful for or love about one another has been powerful.” For those who love the family classes, keep your eyes peeled: “Stay tuned for more Fit Family classes, family yoga, family meditation, and more!” promises Jess. We can’t wait to see what else the Pelofamily will bring to our families.