Peloton Offers Free Seat Post Remedy for Self Installation After Voluntary Recall of the Peloton original Bike in the US

By Team PelotonMay 11, 2023


On May 11, 2023, Peloton announced a voluntary recall of the Peloton original Bike sold from January 2018 to May 2023 in the US in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The seat post can break unexpectedly during use, creating a potential fall and injury risk. We have identified 35 reports of seat posts breaking out of 2,160,000 units sold in the US. Peloton is offering a free, updated seat post replacement which can easily be installed at home by Members. 

There is no impact to Peloton Bike+ Members nor Peloton original Bike owners in the UK, Germany, and Australia.

How to Know if Your Bike is Affected

Not sure if this impacts you? The Peloton original Bike model can be identified by its PL-01 model number on the label located on the inside front fork (near the flywheel), the red “P” logo followed by the white-colored "Peloton" brand name on the Bike's frame, and by its non-swivel display.

What to Do

You do not need to return your Bike if impacted. Peloton is offering a free, replacement seat post to all US Peloton original Bike owners, which can be installed at home, without the need for a service call.

Details of how to order the replacement seat post have been emailed to the primary subscription owner for all Peloton original Bike owners in the US. If you are the primary subscription owner and have not received this email, please visit this page to order your replacement seat post.

We will begin shipping the replacement seat post immediately, with delivery timing varying by location. Once you receive your seat post replacement, please follow the written instructions included with your new seat post or you can watch this video

Peloton’s Commitment to Safety

Our commitment to Member safety is unwavering and will always be our top priority. For Peloton, it was important to proactively engage the CPSC to address this issue. We worked cooperatively with them to identify the approved remedy and make it available to our Members.

While this is a US Peloton original Bike issue, we are focused on our global Member community and the need to ensure they are informed. Today, we are proactively communicating with all Members who own a Peloton Bike—either the original Bike or Bike+. We believe Members should be aware of the US issue, understand if they are affected (or not) by the voluntary recall, and guide them on what steps they should take, if any. For US Members, please read on for more guidance on seat post replacement.