Meet the Champions

These nine elite athletes are your Peloton training partners for the summer.

Peloton, our instructors will always remind you that you’re an athlete. And we hope you believe them as you’re sprinting up a climb, lifting heavier than you ever dared dream or making time for post-workout recovery. What you may not know, though, is that you’re training side-by-side with some of the most elite athletes in the world—and they’re training alongside you.

The Leaderboard has a way of condensing time and space, bringing Members together across time zones and continents, uniting communities in sweat and movement. This summer, we’re taking it to all-new heights.

Join nine elite athletes from the global Peloton community: Usain Bolt, Allyson Felix, Andre De Grasse, Angelique Kerber, Becky & Ellie Downie, John John Florence, Kathleen Baker and Scout Bassett as they push you to train like the champion you are. Sweat like they sweat with months of athlete training recommendations. Move like they move with playlists of their favorite tracks that keep them going. And keep an eye on the Leaderboard—they may be dropping in on your class!

Keep scrolling to meet your training partners for the summer and hear more about how Peloton pushes them to keep reaching for more.


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The World’s Fastest Man needs no introduction. An eight-time Olympic gold medalist, we’re proud to count Usain Bolt as part of the Peloton community. Leaving a trail of world records shattered in his wake, Usain retired from competition in 2017, but quickly found his next athletic outlet on the Bike, from the comfort of home. “I trained very hard as a professional sprinter for 15+ years,” he says, “but now I work out when I want and prefer training in a group or community. Peloton offers that.” If you catch a glimpse of Usain on the Leaderboard, just know that he sees you, too. “Working out with other people is really motivating!”

It's time to Train Like Usain. Find out how to join his training program here.


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Forget the Midas touch—let’s talk about the Felix touch. The most decorated track & field Olympian in history, a nine-time Olympic medalist and world-record holder, Allyson Felix is one of the undisputed greats. Getting there, though, has been anything but a solo endeavor. “Community is everything. I am blessed to have such amazing support in my family, friends and training group. But my community also includes those who have lifted me up and cheered me on through my professional career,” she says. At the top of her game, Allyson’s training is all about fine-tuning, which she admits is as much a mental challenge as it is physical. “Every day, I like to find a new motivation for training,” Allyson says. “Some days there are specific training goals and seeing how much further I can go. Others it’s just doing my best and making it back home for some family time. But it's so amazing knowing I can always get a challenging, quality workout in my home on the days I’m not able to make it to the track or when I just want that extra time with my daughter!”

It's time to claim your victory like Allyson. Find out how to join her training program here.


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Blink and you’ll miss Andre De Grasse: World Championship and three-time Olympic medalist, and the first Canadian to finish on the podium for all three Olympic sprint events. Off the track, Andre finds a fun, versatile workout in Peloton that doesn’t take away from valuable family time. “Now that I’m a father, I need to plan ahead and coordinate my rest time based on the schedules of my children and my girlfriend. It’s great because I have my Bike set up outside on my patio where I can watch the kids playing [in the backyard].” (Andre’s girlfriend, by the way, is Nia Ali, reigning American World Champion in the 100-meter hurdles. Talk about a power couple.) Even pro athletes need a push sometimes, and Andre finds just that when he clips in. “I use the Leaderboard to get my competitive juices flowing and regardless of my mood, I always feel energized by the instructors!”

It's time to jump off the blocks and train with Andre. Find out more here.


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Angelique Kerber is a multiple-Grand Slam Champion, Olympic medalist and the former number-one tennis player in the world—but you can also catch her on the Peloton Leaderboard. “As someone who always enjoyed working out as part of a community to help push my limits, Peloton was an exciting concept to start with, and it proved to be a game changer,” she says. Using the Bike and app while training for tournaments and to keep fit in between, Angelique embraces the Peloton community experience. “I see the Leaderboard as a healthy competition, but in an uplifting and powerful way. It’s not win or lose as it is in a tennis match.”

It's time to ace your training alongside Angelique. Find out more here.


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Becky and Ellie Downie are sibling goals. The pair are not only history-making gymnasts with three World Championship medals and multiple Olympic appearances between them, but are also founders of their own leotard business, Double Downies. Something else the sisters do together? Supplement their training with the Peloton App. From HIIT to yoga to meditation, the app has their cardio and recovery needs covered—a perfect complement to their skills-focused gymnastics training. “The Peloton community is super fun and brilliant for getting people into exercise,” says Ellie. Becky agrees. “There’s such a positive, community focus. That’s very rare in exercise, I’ve found. But equally, you can focus on your own personal developments.”

It's time to stick your training in classes alongside Becky and Ellie. Find out more here.


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Two-time surfing World Champion John Florence grew up on the beach in Hawaii, surrounded by icons of the sport year after year, so you could say his environment has shaped who he is as an athlete and a person. “I’m really proud to be a part of such a unique community on the North Shore. Between my family, my friends, the lifeguards, the youth ... I’m constantly inspired by the people who surround me.” When John ruptured his ACL in 2019, he used his Peloton Bike as rehab on the road back from reconstruction surgery. Nowadays, Peloton is a staple in his routine for everyday cardio—and even warming up before a surf. “The Peloton community is great in the sense that I can take on a challenge anytime. There are so many impressive instructors and Members that push me in class—I don’t need to depend on training partners at home to get motivated!”

It's time to catch a wave and train with John. Find out more here.


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A former world-record holder and two-time Olympic medalist, U.S. swimmer Kathleen Baker is just getting started. From backstrokes (one of her favorite competition events) to pedal strokes on her Peloton Bike, Kathleen thrives on competition to push herself to the limit. “I love seeing where I am on the Leaderboard. No matter where I fall, I can use it as motivation to focus on improving myself,” she says. But even as a born competitor, Kathleen appreciates the occasional dance cardio class on the app to let go with friends. “I love being able to connect with friends across the country on workouts and feeling like we’re in an in-person class!”

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With seven National Championships, two American records and one world record to her name, Paralympic track and field athlete Scout Bassett still considers her greatest achievements to be outside of competition. “I’ve endured immense trauma and pain, walked through the darkest of tunnels on this journey, and I’ve never once quit on myself or my dreams and goals,” she says. “To defy all the odds, to navigate a world that was not designed for people like me, to be resilient and persevere through so much adversity—that is my power and greatest achievement.” A vibrant, inspiring figure in the Peloton community, Scout trains with the Peloton App with everything from strength to yoga and cardio to meditation. Above all, Scout sees Peloton as part of her team. “When I take a class and see all the other names of people also there, it reminds me that I’m not putting in the work alone—we’re all struggling but also victorious together.”

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