Hard Work Has Never Been so Much Fun

Hard Work Has Never Been so Much Fun

New Instructor Bradley Rose plans to leave you brimming with self-belief and grinning from ear to ear.

By Team PelotonUpdated March 24, 2021


He’s trodden the boards under the bright lights, he’s climbed between the ropes and danced across the canvas of a boxing ring, and he’s now clipping into the Bike at our London studios.

Please give a warm Peloton welcome to our newest Bike instructor, Bradley Rose.

Bradley grew up in Norfolk, England where it was clear even from a young age, he was one of those people who have an uncanny knack of being able to master any sport they turn their hand to. At school, he excelled at cricket and even went on to spend some time on the books at one of the world’s biggest football clubs as a youngster.

The thrill of competitive sport soon turned into the love of performance, the joy of honing a craft and putting it all together as the camera rolls led Bradley to pursue the path of an actor.

Shortly after graduating from Brighton University, inspired by this dream, he left his comfort zone behind and took a leap of faith by relocating to New York City.

After swapping Brighton for the Big Apple, Bradley went on to enjoy a 10-year career onscreen, appearing in a number of TV movies and series. But don’t be fooled by the perfectly coiffed hair and effortless British charm, he’s not one to just be gifted opportunity.

He’s someone who knows a thing or two about having the rug pulled from beneath his feet and having the odds stacked against him. But it’s how he’s dealt with these moments that has made him who he is today.

And there’s nothing that motivates him like being told he’ll never be able to do something.

“I've always been called a rebel, because I'm obsessed with proving people wrong.”

img-1-Hard Work Has Never Been so Much Fun

It was this appetite for confounding the naysayers and nonbelievers that helped him come back from a health scare that left his doctors calling him the "Rosie Rebel," because he wouldn't take no for an answer.

His passion for performance led him to swap life in front of the camera for life inside a ring as he laced up his gloves and became a boxing instructor in New York.

Boxing has a great way of teaching us important life lessons. There are times where you just have to bite down on your gum shield and grit it out, and other times when you need to just roll with the punches and box clever.

It’s this mentality that makes Bradley champion anyone who feels like the underdog by showing them whatever life may throw at you, you can make it through the darkness into the light.

And best of all, he does it all with a twinkle in his eye and a cheeky grin on his face.

“Fun is so important to me. I'm one of those kids who just couldn't stay focused unless I was having fun. Plus, it becomes really hard to stick to something if you're not enjoying yourself.”

With the pull of the homeland too strong to resist, Bradley eventually left New York and returned back to London with his two beloved rescue dogs in tow.

And we’re so grateful he did!

In his classes he’ll keep backing you and keep believing in you until that finished line is crossed. He’ll leave you a gloriously sweaty mess but with a grin plastered wide across your face that says, “I’m not too sure what that was, but I LOVED it!”

A fun-loving, dog-doting, hit-playing Brit who will charm and inspire you through his heart-pumping, endorphin-drenched rides.

He’s the newest member of the Peloton family, and we can’t wait for you to meet him.

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