Ask A Member: Question 5

Ask A Member: Question 5

By PelotonUpdated January 31, 2021


During the month of January, we’re asking all our Members to share with us their take on the Peloton experience, from the day they decided to purchase to how they’re hitting their goals, meeting their challenges, and building community day after day. (Read the rest of the series here.) This week’s question: “At what moment in your life did you buy your Peloton Bike or Tread?”

When I Decided To Prioritize My Health

Member Melissa M. bought her Peloton Bike during a tough time in life: her mom had just passed away, she left a high-paying job that made her miserable, and she had several problems with her own health. She tried the Peloton App free trial, and after a few outdoor walks and strength classes, she fell in love: “The instructors were positive, motivating and real. It was exactly what I needed. I didn’t even make it to the end of the free trial before I bought the Bike and waited anxiously for it to arrive. What was my ‘grief purchase’ became my place of healing, both physically and mentally…and sometimes even spiritually! I try to ride almost every day and it is amazing to have it right at my fingertips. When I need a break or a good sweat, I hop on the bike or the app for a class.”

Member Ryan P. and his wife Risa decided to buy a Peloton Bike after deciding to reprioritize their physical health in 2018. They’d initially heard about Peloton from friends, but neither of them had much experience with cycling classes. Ryan says the Bike made their initial goal of physical fitness attainable, which transformed their “why” into something even more important: emotional fitness. Ryan now rides as a dad looking after his health, so he can be there for his son as long as he can, and for inspiration from Peloton instructors through life’s challenges: “I’ve experienced great achievements and great losses along this journey, and when I get on that bike there is a catharsis to it that I never imagined when we placed that order, for a piece of exercise equipment, back in March of 2018.”

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While Recovering

Member Hayley H. got her Peloton Bike after suffering from an accident that led to multiple injuries, among them a traumatic brain injury. Eight months into recovery, she was given the green light to start low-impact exercise: “So, I immediately purchased the Bike! I love that the Peloton Bike allowed me to ease back into exercise and take it at my own pace. This is the best purchase I've made—it's been life-changing!”

Member Joanna S. got her Peloton Bike after finishing treatment for breast cancer: “I know exercise is the best medicine and Peloton gave me the motivation I needed to work hard and gain my strength back!”

Member Denelle K. got her Peloton Bike after surgery for a herniated disc in her back and she was ready to start moving again after a lengthy recovery: “I told myself I was going to get my physical fitness back and I ordered the Bike. Becoming a Member of the Peloton family has given me strength, both physically and mentally. It has been one of the saving graces for me and really supported me to start to feel like myself again...It is way more than just a Bike or an App—it is a community, a family, that motivates and supports each of its Members.”

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After Moving

Member Courntey S. got her Bike after moving in with her partner, who lived much too far from her favorite boutique fitness studio: “I purchased my Bike+ in October 2020 and received it in November. I had been cycling at a local studio near Philadelphia for a couple of years and always loved the exhilaration of being on the bike and the killer cardio session, all while listening to great music. During quarantine, my studio temporarily closed and I began spending more time with my boyfriend, who didn't exactly live down the street. Eventually he asked me to live with him, but he lives over 60 miles away from my cycling studio. He knew that cycling is a passion for me and encouraged me to buy a Peloton Bike. It took about 2 seconds to convince me to make the purchase! I now find myself riding way more than I ever could before—the convenience and instruction cannot be beat!”

Member Autumn K. and her husband bought their Tread+ when they moved from an apartment in Boston to a house outside of the city, where the closest gym was 20 minutes away and didn’t open until 7 AM: “ We're early birds, and I had a long commute, so that was not going to fit into our schedules. We purchased the Tread+ and never looked back! Fast forward 1.5 years later and we decided to move cross country to Southern California. With most of our belongings (including our Tread) temporarily in storage, we've been able to continue Peloton Strength, Outdoor, and Yoga classes, but we missed the energy of Peloton cardio and bootcamps. We just ordered the Bike+ and can't wait for it to be delivered! Once we've settled into our long-term new home, we'll have both and never miss an opportunity for a good sweat.”

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Member Robyn M. got her Peloton Bike after her husband was deployed overseas, and she found herself parenting solo and unable to go outside for runs without childcare: “Solo parenting while being a working mom requires self-care, and I knew I needed an outlet for stress and some me time. Enter my Peloton Bike! I laugh, I cry, I sing, and I sweat! It has been the best investment in my physical and mental health—I’m obsessed!”

Member Allie C. got the Bike after having identical twin boys: “Going to an in person studio just wasn't an option with our pretty strict newborn/infant schedule - especially when it was 30 min one way. It was so nice to get them down for a nap, hop on for 30 - 45 min, and then go back to caring for them as needed. A game-changer for us!”

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Starting A New Job Or School

Member Nekesa S. got her Bike in August 2018, when she was beginning her doctoral program: “Having a full-time job working as a college administrator and going to school full-time meant I wouldn’t be able to get to the gym and my usual cycling classes. Peloton allowed me to have flexibility and the ability to never miss a work out. When I write my acknowledgments as part of my dissertation, Peloton will definitely get a shout out! I’ve been a loyal fan/addict and recently upgraded to the Bike+ which I love even more!”

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When I Was Too Short On Time

Member Marcus M. got his Peloton Bike when he was stretched too thin between two jobs as a design professional and a university instructor, and his primary responsibility of being a father of his two daughters: “I was worried about the unsustainable behavior I was modeling of parenting on fatigue. My lack of boundaries put my own health last. The purchase of the Peloton Bike was the opportunity to prioritize my health within the small pockets of time I had available. Those seemingly small pockets of time quickly became something I needed- they became a restructuring of my energy for a healthier life with my kids. Life is surely balanced for moments at a time- but those moments happen more often with cycling coaches that challenge both your inner athlete and your inner resolve. I’ve been better for it in every avenue. There’s no more authentic proof that the bike and the Peloton ecosystem (yoga and meditation) has impacted the family when my 4yo daughter asks to put on Jess Sims family fit classes because she ‘wants to get sweaty too’.”

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When I Heard About Peloton From A Friend

When Member Rosalyn A. heard about Peloton from a friend over lunch in 2017, she had to go check out the nearest Peloton showroom the following weekend. Though fitness had not been a priority for most of her life, she bought the Bike after visiting the showroom and since then has gotten into a daily routine with Peloton: “Cycling is still a core activity I love both for the escape from work as well as how it makes me feel regardless of type of ride, but I also do strength, yoga, Pilates, and even some meditation to help calm my mind down.”

Member Andrea G. bought her Bike in 2019, a few months after house-sitting for a friend with a Bike. She used to frequent a boutique fitness studio for cardio six times per week and had a gym membership on top of that, but now she loves Peloton: “To have the flexibility and convenience of not having to leave my apartment for a world-class workout (where I have to do 0 thinking to make up a workout routine) has me totally hooked! Plus, I feel like I’m hanging out with good friends during Peloton classes because we as Members get to know the instructors so well. It’s so fun and entertaining I sometimes forget I’m working out!”

Member Mark S. got his Peloton Bike after hearing about it from a friend, who recommended Peloton as a way to consistently exercise after Mark’s type two diabetes diagnosis. Mark originally thought Peloton would be much too expensive for him, but then he did the math: “ I didn’t realize that the monthly cost of the Peloton and the subscription was actually less than my gym membership. I ordered the Bike the next day.”

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