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11 Reasons Peloton Members Say The Peloton Bike is Worth The Investment

By Anne Roderique-JonesUpdated September 1, 2021


Why is a Peloton Bike worth the investment? For some members, it’s being able to ride at any time of the day. For others, a Peloton Bike is worth the cost when you have the convenience of a personal trainer right in your basement. And for some, it’s the expense of multiple fitness classes replaced with one Peloton Membership that makes it worth the money. Here, 11 reasons that Peloton Members say the Peloton Bike is worth the investment.

I Did The Math and A Peloton Bike is Worth The Price

“I've had my Peloton Bike for a year and a half, and I love it. I had been taking studio cycling classes once a week for more than 4 years at $32 USD per class. The Peloton Bike is $1,445 USD, plus a $44 USD subscription fee per month for the All Access Membership (which is close to the cost of one indoor cycling class). It's a steep price tag, but then I started to do the math and realized that in those 4 years, I could have bought multiple Peloton Bikes. I also work full-time and have twins, so my biggest challenge with getting in exercise is actually making a set workout time. Peloton gives me a challenging, sweat-inducing workout on-demand, so I can fit it in whenever it's convenient for me. It saves me nearly every single week from what would have been a missed workout because something always comes up between work and my kids. Plus, I've also started doing Peloton's yoga classes, which are great and can be as short as 20 minutes unlike most yoga classes, which tend to be well over an hour — time that I just don't have. Sometimes I do miss the motivation of being in an indoor cycling class, with the music blasting and cycling in sync with a group of people in the dark, but I've found some go-to Peloton instructors (shout out to Cody Rigsby!) who push me, inspire me, and play great music — and I'll take making, rather than missing, my workouts any day.” Rachel B, California

The Convenience is Worth the Cost

“I got my bike to get in shape after having two kids. The first year was pricey, but I didn’t pay for a gym. For me, the convenience of having a Peloton Bike in the basement and being able to ride it whenever I had time was priceless. I now ride about one to two times per week, and with a fee that includes the app and loads of classes (both on and off the bike), it’s reasonable—especially when you consider the price you’d pay to go to a single cycling studio in the city. Plus, the instructors are so engaging that I don’t even cheat, even though nobody is actually watching me!” Sarah B, New York

Thanks to The Peloton Bike, I Actually Do Less Laundry

“Why didn’t I purchase this sooner? The instructors are fantastic motivators. The metrics keep my competitive vibe going. And my husband and I do less laundry because we basically work out in our underwear.” Jill C, Colorado

We Bought The Peloton Bike as a Present for Ourselves

“I was an avid rider before I got pregnant, going to spin classes 3-5 times a week. Once the baby was born, it became a challenge to maintain a workout regimen as early morning or after-work classes were no longer an option for me—and my husband was in the same boat. We pulled the trigger and got our Bike as a Christmas present to ourselves. Now, we ride whenever we have a break during the day and don’t depend on a studio class schedule. In fact, my husband is between conference calls and riding as I type this.” Sanja A, Louisiana

I’ve Finally Found a Non-Boring Home Workout with The Peloton Bike

“I've owned in-home exercise equipment in the past, but it's never been a great motivator because it’s just too boring. I bought a Peloton Bike because I knew it would give me the flexibility I needed if I was going to find time to work out. I love it because you get the "live" experience in your home, which pushes you harder. I love the classes, the instructors, and especially the music. Peloton finally nailed what everyone else failed at... effective in-home exercise with an out-of-home experience.” Lauren L, North Carolina

My Whole Family is Using The Peloton Bike

“I was dubious about home exercise and whether I’d be motivated, but the classes are engaging, the music is good, the instructors are fun and professional. Plus, I actually stay on the bike for 30-45 minutes. I can exercise when I want (classes are available 24/7), how long I want, and the “I have no time” excuse is gone, given that there are 10-minute classes in the Peloton library. I mean, who doesn’t have 10 minutes a day to spare for good health? The good news is that my husband uses it, too, and the whole family is now exercising.” Kimberley L, California

The Peloton Bike is More Than Cycling

"For me, it's the best investment because in addition to cycling, I can also take live or on-demand strength training and yoga classes and it's all included in my Membership at no additional cost. It's way cheaper than joining a gym, and I can do my workouts from the comfort of my home. The amazing Peloton community is what keeps me motivated to keep logging on and working out." Christa P, New Jersey

Having a Peloton Bike is Like a Cycling Studio in my Basement

"I got the bike as a Mother’s Day gift, and use it 3-4 times a week. It’s convenient for me to be able to go down to the basement and work out without trekking to the gym. The instructors are all amazing, positive, and motivational (my favorites are Emma Lovewell, Robin Arzón, and Ally Love). There’s great music with a large variety of options to choose from based on your mood and class length desired." Meghan B, New York

I Had Given Up on Working Out Until I Bought a Peloton Bike

“I had all but given up on being able to incorporate cardio (or any workout), and my Peloton Bike changed all of that. I love the convenience, but I also realized how much I miss the class atmosphere and working out with a trainer there to motivate me along the way.” Justine L, Virginia

The Peloton Bike Helped Me Through a Very Unhealthy Time

“When I had a gym membership, I loved taking spin classes. Unfortunately, due to work schedules and classes filling up super quick, spinning became more difficult to take. I had a second baby and my time became even more limited. Shortly after, I was going through a divorce, and my life was all about work and kids, and I was living a very unhealthy lifestyle. I saw a commercial for Peloton and it basically solved my dilemma: I could get on a Bike and choose whichever class worked for me on a day-to-day basis whether it be a quick 20-minute workout while something was cooking in the oven or an hour-long class after the girls went to bed. I love that I can choose a class based on the music as well. My favorite: The live DJ classes with Cody.” Hye Yeon C, New Jersey

Peloton Helps Me Run My Business and My Life

“Balancing motherhood and running my own company means little time to take care of myself—let alone work out. The Peloton Bike has been a perfect way for me to stay fit while the little one naps or after bedtime.” Tara M, Texas


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