You Do The Lifting and Peloton Guide Will Do the Rest

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You Do The Lifting and Peloton Guide Will Do the Rest

Your journey to a stronger you begins now.

By Team PelotonSeptember 23, 2022

Get ready to transform your strength training routine. Peloton Guide is a dynamic TV-connected device that’ll make you feel like you’re working out in a boutique fitness studio. Using artificial intelligence and innovative camera technology, Guide can track your movements and offer personalized metrics and workout recommendations, helping you achieve total-body fitness in a way that keeps you motivated and empowered like never before.

Even better: Peloton Guide’s got some brand-new features that’ll help you take your workout to the next level. Like a personal trainer, Guide’s Rep Tracking counts each rep you do in class and sets targets for each movement, so you get credit for every weight lifted and always have a goal to work towards. And the Weight Rack feature allows you to enter the free weights you have at home so Guide can measure the total weight lifted in each movement of a workout to show strength progression over time. Guide is powered by A.I., which means these features are continually improving to suit our Members’ needs.

Ready to get started with your new device? This video will show you an idea of what to expect when you’re first unboxing the Peloton Guide and how to set it up.

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