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How the Peloton Guide Creates Personalized Workout Plans Based On Your Goals

It's time to take the guesswork out of your strength training routine.

By Claudia WillenApril 9, 2024


We get it: Peloton Guide’s library of 700+ classes can feel overwhelming if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Now, Peloton can do the work for you by delivering personalized workout plans, factoring in everything from your favorite instructors to your taste in music.

Recently released on Guide, this feature blends cutting-edge technology and top-notch personal training to automatically provide you with weekly bundles of strength training classes. As you work through the plans, you’ll get closer to achieving your long-term goals—regardless of your fitness level. 

Here, we give you a rundown of this new feature, covering its benefits and providing step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

What Are Peloton’s Personalized Plans?

This Guide feature takes the guesswork out of your strength training routine, using AI and machine learning to craft workout plans specifically for you.

Combining in-house fitness experts’ knowledge with state-of-the-art technology that analyzes your class history (down to details like workout duration and instructor), Peloton brings a well-rounded, customized strength training schedule to your Guide homepage each Monday morning. You set the parameters by deciding how many days you want to strength train each week, how advanced you want your workouts to be, and whether or not you want to use weights.

Because this feature aims to help you build and maintain strength, your weekly plans will get progressively more challenging over time. Need to skip a day? Not a problem. You don’t have to complete every single class included in your personalized plan to advance. (You just need to finish 50 percent of them to move forward to the following week’s lineup. Otherwise, the existing plan rolls over). 

The good news is that the class combinations are dynamic, so you can take them in any order you want each week. If you’re not feeling your “Top Pick,” or the class featured on that specific day, you have the option to skip it or swap it for one of the six suggested alternatives, which also count toward your goal. And when you reach the final day of each plan, you can cap off the week with an active recovery class.

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What Are the Benefits of Personalized Workout Plans?

Whether you’re brand new to strength training or you’ve been lifting for years, this feature offers a myriad of benefits. Below, we unpack some of the ways following a personalized workout plan can propel your fitness journey forward.

Building and Maintaining Strength

The primary goal of these plans is to help you gradually get stronger—no matter where your starting point is. That’s why Peloton fitness experts make sure to bundle complementary strength training classes each week. For example, you might take a 20-minute Arms & Shoulder Strength class one day and a 15-minute Strength Roll Call: Core the next. Having pros strategically diversify your weekly workouts also helps you avoid overloading one area of your body and potentially injuring yourself. 

Without being pushed to advance to the next level, it’s tempting to remain in your comfort zone and repeat the same types of workouts over and over. But these weekly plans slowly introduce more challenging classes into your routine, ensuring you don’t plateau.

Implementing a Consistent Routine

If you show up for a workout without a concrete game plan (aka “winging it”), your motivation can quickly falter. Peloton’s personalized workout plans make strength training less intimidating and provide the necessary resources to build a sustainable long-term routine.

For starters, they give you a clear idea of which workouts you’ll be doing throughout the week, so you’re able to plan ahead and carve out enough time in your schedule to complete them. Because you know the duration and focus of each workout (both of which are clearly outlined in your Guide), you’ll also show up feeling prepared. 

Although the plans only feature strength training classes, following the program doesn’t limit you to that type of exercise. When you receive your class combination, consider mixing in other types of workouts, such as cardio or yoga classes on the Peloton App, throughout the week to keep your routine interesting and dynamic.

Discovering New Workouts That Align with Your Preferences and Goals

When you find an instructor that gets you amped for your workouts, you might get into the habit of exclusively taking their classes. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but every once in a while, it's a good idea to mix things up and try something new.

Because the Guide recommendation algorithm considers factors such as your top instructors, music preferences, and typical workout duration while putting together your weekly lineups, it’s likely to pick offerings that appeal to you, even if they aren’t classes you necessarily would’ve selected on your own. Who knows? Maybe your next plan will introduce you to your new favorite instructor or a completely different genre of music.

How to Use Personalized Workout Plans On Peloton Guide

All Peloton Guide users automatically have access to personalized workout plans. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to start using this feature. 

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Locate the Personalized Plan Feature On the Guide Homepage

Start by navigating to your Guide homepage. Below your workout streak and the list of different workout types (Full Body, Upper Body, Lower Body, etc.), there’s a section that says “A weekly workout plan made for you.” Click the gray button that says “Get Started” to kick off the onboarding process. (If you don’t see anything about these plans on your homepage, make sure you've updated your device with the latest software.)

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Share Your Preferences and Set Your Goals

Before receiving your first personalized workout plan, you have to answer some quick questions about your fitness habits, goals, and preferences. This is your chance to shape the program and make sure it meets you where you are. 

First, describe your current routine, specifying whether you’re new to working out, exercise but don’t lift, or strength train regularly. Then, you have an opportunity to select the number of days you want to strength train each week; You can choose anywhere from two days per week to six days per week. FYI: You can always change this number down the line. 

The last question is whether or not you want your personalized workout plan to start with or without weights. If you’re new to strength training, don’t hesitate to opt for weight-free workouts. The Peloton Guide offers plenty of effective bodyweight classes, and they’re a fantastic way to perfect your form.

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Get Started with Your First Personalized Plan

Once you’ve answered all of the preliminary questions, your first personalized workout plan will be ready to go. It’s designed to be well-balanced, so feel free to take the week’s classes in whatever order feels right for you.


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