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Get the Exact Workouts Peloton Instructors Do IRL with Peloton Gym

Thanks to Peloton Gym, you can perfect your strength training moves.

By Team PelotonUpdated December 19, 2023


Looking for a new way to work out? Peloton Gym gives you step-by-step self-guided workouts you can take with you to the gym, or do at home or on the go. You get the same intelligent workout programming from Peloton instructors that you would in any other Peloton class without the need to listen in to cues.

Peloton Gym is available on the Peloton App across all membership types in all markets, currently for English devices (iOS & Android). It can be found under the “Workouts” tab of the Peloton App.

What is Peloton Gym?

With Peloton Gym, you get non-video style strength workouts designed by Peloton instructors. You’ll find a mix of full-body, lower-body, upper-body, and core workouts. Each workout follows a similar style to Peloton strength classes, with a warm-up and blocks of exercises. For each exercise, you have the option to watch a tutorial video and read a quick description of how to do the move. Perform the recommended reps and sets of each exercise and swipe to complete each block, moving at your own pace.

Work Out Where You Want, When You Want

The Benefits of Working Out with Peloton Gym

Here’s what you can expect when you try out Peloton Gym.

You Can Go At Your Own Pace

Want more rest between sets? Less rest? Want to listen to your body and skip that last set? Peloton Gym is ideal when you want to move at your own speed (which, we always encourage.) Filter beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts by difficulty to curate a program that meets you exactly where you are in your fitness journey. 

You Can Track Your Progress Over Time

In order to make progress in the gym without injuring yourself, you need to incrementally increase your reps and weights (Hint: Don’t repeat a move until you can’t or lift super heavy out of the gate). Luckily, Peloton Gym makes it easy to log your workout stats.

Each time you do a move, you can input the number of reps you do and the amount of weight you use. If you feel ready to turn your workouts up a notch, you can refer back to your recent stats and increase weights and reps accordingly. You can also use the Peloton Gym’s built-in timer to measure and slowly increase the length of your sweat sessions.

You’ll Know Exactly What to Do When You Hit the Gym

If you’ve ever walked into a crowded weight room and felt gym anxiety, we know the feeling. How does that machine work? Is your form totally off? Is everyone staring at you? Peloton Gym takes out the guesswork of what to do at the gym. You’ll know exactly which exercises to do, what equipment to use, and how much time to spend at each station.

You Can Be Your Own DJ

Our Peloton instructors curate fire playlists across every genre and theme imaginable, but sometimes you just want to listen to your own music, and we get that! Fire up your personal  Beast Mode playlist because you can take Peloton Gym while listening to your own music from other apps like Spotify or Apple Music.

You’ll Never Be Bored

Picture this: You walk into the gym and do the same circuit you’ve been doing for months—a few biceps curls, some squats, and shoulder presses—it can be easy to fall into a routine, but with Peloton Gym, you’ll never be bored. Switching up your strength workouts more frequently also means you’ll be more easily able to push past a workout plateau

What You’ll Find on Peloton Gym

Peloton Gym

Peloton Gym workouts focus on building strength using dumbbells and your body weight. These are just a few of the workout plans you’ll find available:

  • 45-Minute Intermediate Chest & Back Strength with Adrian Williams

  • 15-Minute Beginners Core Strength with Matty Maggiacomo

  • 60-Minute Intermediate Full Body Strength with Andy Speer

  • 20-Minute Intermediate Arms & Shoulders Strength with Tunde Oyeneyin

  • 20-Minute Beginner Full Body Strength with Callie Gullickson

Expect some of your favorite strength exercises like split squats, flat bench dumbbell chest presses, dumbbell sumo deadlifts, and barbell back squats, programmed using circuits, EMOMs, and supersets. You might see more traditional weightlifting moves that aren’t often used in Peloton’s instructor-led classes, giving you a new way to challenge yourself. We’re just getting started with Peloton Gym—stay tuned for even more coming soon.

More About the Peloton App

Ready to try Peloton Gym? The workouts are now available on Peloton App Free, App One, App+, and All-Access. Ready to get started? Find out which Peloton App Membership is right for you.

Work Out Where You Want, When You Want


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