The Peloton Guide to Turkey Burn 2019

The Peloton Guide to Turkey Burn 2019

Here's everything you need to know.

By Team PelotonUpdated June 12, 2020


Every year at this time, we turn to our greater Peloton community to celebrate the year that’s been, the PRs yet to come, and the friendships we’ve made along the way. From setting world records to introducing triple-threat workouts, our Thanksgiving celebration continues to evolve as Peloton does, which is why we’re thrilled to announce this year’s edition: the Gratitude Collection. Here’s what you need to know this year.

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More Classes

We’re launching 13 special classes beginning November 25, more than we’ve ever done before. Our signature Turkey Burn workouts will be held live, to give our community a moment to gather together and give thanks. You’ll be able to find all the workouts, including pre-recorded on-demand classes, grouped together in the Collections section as well as on the live schedule closer to Thanksgiving Day.

More Disciplines

The Gratitude Collection will include meditation, yoga, and outdoor running classes released on-demand, as well as cycling, running, and bootcamp classes. If you haven’t experienced the full scope of what your Peloton Membership offers you, make sure to download the Peloton app and try a new way to sweat!

Two Times to Sweat on Thanksgiving Day

Because we know you love to celebrate together, we’re scheduling live Turkey Burn classes in two blocks--one timed for our East Coast Members, and one timed for our West Coast Members. While the classes are sequenced so that you can easily do one after another, you’ll get this year’s Turkey Burn badge for taking any class in the collection, so choose whichever classes work for your schedule. We’re also equally thankful for our Canadian, UK and German Members, so please join in the fun!

Introducing After Burn

We know that turkey doesn’t cook itself, so for those of you making your Thanksgiving a day of rest, we invite you to come back stronger than ever the next day with our live After Burn classes. If you’ve never tried a 60 minute ride or run, or a 75-minute yoga class, this is the time to use the energy of the Peloton community to power you through.

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We wanted to give you as many opportunities as we could to connect with your community at the start of the holiday season, so keep an eye out on Peloton’s Facebook and Instagram Story for our customizable schedule, designed to let you screenshot, write on, and share with your friends which classes you’re planning to take. Just need to keep track of what’s on when? You can see the complete schedule here (press and hold to save on mobile!) or download it below.