We’re in Our 70s, and We Ride Side-by-Side on Peloton Bikes

We’re in Our 70s, and We Ride Side-by-Side on Peloton Bikes

“We’ve been married for 51 years, and we still love doing things together.”

By Alyssa SybertzUpdated March 2, 2022


Peloton Members Betty and Andy S. are both in their seventies, but that hasn’t slowed them down. Formerly runners and avid outdoor cyclists, they now ride next to each other on Peloton Bikes six days a week. Here, the couple shares how they became devoted Peloton riders and how it brings them closer together.

Moving Indoors

They loved cycling, but in recent years, things started to change. “We were outdoor cyclists for many years. Our normal ride was about 42 miles every day,” shares Betty, 73. “But we live in Midland, Texas, the heart of the oil-producing region in the U.S. So there’s a lot of truck traffic, and we would ride on the same roads being traveled by those oil field trucks.”

That made them worry about safety. “As we get older, our bones tend to deteriorate. I was getting nervous about taking a real crash and breaking bones that would take a long time to heal,” says Andy, 75.

Then four years ago, five cyclists were killed in an accident on the very same roads Betty and Andy cycled on every day, so they decided to retire their road bikes.

Finding Peloton

Around the same time, the couple saw an ad for Peloton on TV. “We still wanted that intense workout we were getting outside,” Betty says. “And we decided to get two Bikes so we could still ride side-by-side just like we always did outdoors.”

Three weeks later, their Peloton Bikes arrived. “We made the decision really quickly,” Betty adds. “The hardest part was finding a place in our house to put two Bikes. They’re in the sunroom looking out on the backyard.”

Once they started riding, Betty and Andy quickly clocked the differences between riding outdoors and riding their Peloton Bikes. “Physiologically, it’s different. When we rode outside, we would be out for two to three hours at a lower heart rate,” Betty explains. “Inside, we don’t work for that long, which has changed our metabolisms. We burn a lot of energy very quickly, as opposed to over a long time. We’re still getting a really good workout but in a much different way.”

On a typical day, Betty and Andy will ride for at least 30 minutes and up to 60 minutes, often taking Power Zone classes. “Generally, we’ll do two 15-minute classes or two 20-minute classes, though we also may do a 45-minute or 60-minute class depending on how we’re feeling,” says Betty. “If Christine D’Ercole is teaching, we’re riding. We adore her!”

Forming Connections

The most surprising part of riding with Peloton for Betty and Andy has been connecting with the Peloton community, especially on Facebook through The CDE Project page. “We’ve gotten to know a lot of people in that group. It’s fun to see them and know that we’re all riding at the same time,” Betty says. “We hadn’t realized that would be such a big part of our experience. We’ve met virtually wonderful people all over the country and the world. That was something we had not expected.”

It has also given the couple something fun to share and experience together. “When we were riding outside, we couldn’t always ride side-by-side. Normally I was breaking the wind for her,” Andy says. “Now we do the same ride together with separate headphones, and we’re literally an arms-length away the whole workout.”

After a ride, Andy and Betty will decamp to their sauna for a half hour to discuss the workout and how it felt. “It’s something we can share and talk about,” adds Betty. “We’ve been married for 51 years, and we still love doing things together.”

The Peloton Bikes bring the couple joy and connection on a daily basis—and not just connection to each other. “Christine knows who we are! Just the other day, we did two 20-minute rides with her and between the two she happened to see my Leaderboard name and she said, ‘Oh there they are, they’re riding side by side,’” shares Betty. “She described us as ‘grown ass adults.’ It’s kind of cool that she knows if she sees one of us, she will see the other.”