Peloton Instructors Olivia Amato And Denis Morton Are Switching Things Up

By PelotonUpdated October 14, 2019


You’ve met Olivia on the Tread and clipped in with Denis on the Bike, but now you’ll be able to sweat it out with these instructors in brand new ways. We’re excited to announce that Olivia Amato will now be leading classes on the Bike and Denis Morton will now be flowing with you in Peloton yoga, in addition to their classes you already love. We talked with Olivia and Denis about how their past experiences have inspired these new ventures and why they can’t wait to workout with you in these fresh settings.


Cycling is where Olivia started her fitness career after working on Wall Street for several years, so being able to tap back into the workout that welcomed her to the fitness scene in NYC is exciting. Having taught several different fitness modalities throughout her career, Olivia loves to change things up, and she’s eager to dive into teaching new classes and see a new side of the Peloton community. Her classes are based around a true team mentality, with every participant committing together to the experience of the workout, and she invites Members of the Peloton community to join her on the Bike to give it all they’ve got. “I will always have your back, no matter how challenging things get,” says Olivia.

The effort and drive that our Members have is something that never fails to impress her no matter the workout. “I love seeing people do things they never thought that they could,” she says. And the hard work she encourages on the Tread will be no different to help achieve your goals on the on the Bike. “Decide what you want to accomplish, and I will help you conquer it.” One change she anticipates in in her playlists, where she’ll have the opportunity to share more of her eclectic taste in music to lift you up on your cycling journey. “Music is super important to me,” says Olivia. “I tend to play more EDM in my Tread classes to complement the energy of running. For cycling, you have more flexibility with music so Members will get a little bit of everything.” Olivia’s looking forward to eventually teaching a range of classes where you’ll be motivated to bring out your absolute best in every ride.


“Speaking yoga again feels like waking up an old language,” says Denis. With 10 years of experience teaching yoga, Denis is excited to return to the mat and connect with Members in a new way. Yoga is something that has always provided a framework for Denis’s fitness and he’s passionate about sharing the benefits of the practice with the Peloton community. “What we really want is to feel better in our own skin,” says Denis. “Yoga has always allowed me to pay attention to what I bring to the mat considering the choices I made throughout the day--I invite our Members to do the same.”

Never tried yoga before? Denis invites you to give it a try for just 10 minutes. “Small changes can create big impacts if you allow them to,” he says. “Take a 10 to 20 minute chance on yourself and see what happens.” Denis also notes that yoga can provide more mobility for Members to clip back into the Bike and improve their cycling or Tread performance. “Very commonly we overlook the things that would improve our metrics on the Bike or Tread,” says Denis. “Yoga can become a secret weapon--a really valuable aspect of a training regimen. Being able to move your body with a great range of motion is always valuable.”

Similar to his teaching style on the Bike, he notes that he will always be “supportively demanding.” “I want people to feel empowered--I want the class to challenge them in ways that make them feel more capable and hungry for more.” Denis plans to use music as a means for communication in his yoga classes. “There’s a different type of storytelling with music in yoga than there is in cycling,” he says, “a score that you don’t notice but you actually feel--that’s how I want to use music in my classes.”

Count yourself in for these brand new classes with Olivia and Denis.