These 9 Peloton Class Types are Hidden Gems

These 9 Peloton Class Types are Hidden Gems

Check out these workouts you might not have tried yet in our on-demand library.

By Catherine HopkinsonUpdated January 6, 2022


The Peloton library of classes is so vast and varied, it stands to reason that you can’t get to more than a fraction of what’s available on the Bike, Tread and app. But if you know where to look, there are some real hidden gems that are worth digging to find. Here’s a bucket list’s worth of classes to put on your to-do list this year.

Dance Cardio

Why not learn some fresh new moves for the club (or your kitchen) from actual dancers? Instructors Cody Rigsby, Emma Lovewell, Jess King, Ally Love, Hannah Corbin, Rebecca Kennedy and Callie Gullickson break down the moves for you step by step. Get the basics down in Callie and Hannah’s 20-minute beginner class from 10/7/21 and before long, you’ll basically dance like Beyoncé. (No lie—you’ll learn the choreography from her performances in the advanced class from 11/10/21). 2, 3, 4…


Our most Member-requested discipline has finally appeared on the Peloton platform! Follow along with the two-week, eight-class Get Hooked: Peloton Boxing Program, led by a handful of experienced and passionate instructors, including Kendall Toole, Rad Lopez and Selena Samuela. You’ll learn the fundamentals of shadowboxing and then put your newfound skills to the test. And stay tuned for more boxing classes coming soon!

Outdoor Audio

Maybe you have a Peloton Tread, maybe you don’t. Either way, when you feel like getting out into the fresh air for a walk or a run, the Peloton instructors have programmed some fun, creative outdoor classes to get you moving. If you’re a newbie or coming back after a hiatus, the Walk + Run classes offer lots of form cues, making them a great way to get started. But no matter what level you’re at, all the classes will get you moving and grooving. Pick your fav instructor and jump in!

Foam Rolling

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Recovery is crucial to avoid injury, maintain and increase mobility and keep your body feeling happy. If you’re feeling sore or want to give your muscles some love, check out the foam rolling classes, located under the stretching tab. These sessions aren’t always a walk in the park—foam rolling can feel a bit uncomfortable as your muscles release their tension. But you’ll learn a ton, and the activity will help you bounce back quicker and feel better for your next workout.

Longer Stretches

Looking for more ways to treat your body right? There are a ton of five-minute post-ride and post-run stretching options, but did you know there are also a bunch of 10-minute stretches designed specifically to be taken after rides and runs? Many of our German instructors teach these classes, and there are a handful of English ones too. Discover your favorite by filtering—and before you know it, you’ll be investigating the 15- and 20-minute stretching classes too. Ah, it just feels so good, right?

Fit Family

Got little ones who want in on the action? Kids and adults alike will have a blast with these energetic workouts. Whether your family needs a quick five-minute break or a 30-minute class full of fun games, there are plenty of options to get you all moving.

Standing Abs and Yoga

We know the feeling: Your last meeting ended early, you’ve got a little while before your next one, and you simply cannot sit in that chair anymore. A standing class is the perfect break! In Rebecca Kennedy’s standing core classes (look for the thumbnails where she’s standing up), she sometimes cues the moves with a dumbbell, but you can totally go rogue and do bodyweight only. The standing and chair yoga classes (filter for “Yoga Anywhere”) are also a great escape from the grind, allowing you to stretch and reset in as few as five minutes.

Sleep Meditations

If you’re into meditation—or even if you’re not—you should probably try out Ross Rayburn’s classes before bed. There’s an army of Peloton Members who absolutely swear by his ability to lull them to sleep before the 10 minutes is up. Better than melatonin and no milk mustache!

Flash 15

This weekly class by Jess Sims is a cult favorite for good reason: It’s a standalone 15-minute class (found under strength) that will make you feel like you got a full workout in. Because you did. You go hard for 15 minutes—mostly weighted strength but with some bodyweight cardio—to an always killer playlist, and suddenly, it’s all over and you’re very, very sweaty. As Jess would say, you’re welcome.

Find all these classes—and much, much more—on the Peloton App!

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