Every Way You Can Take Peloton Classes, from iPhone to Apple TV

Every Way You Can Take Peloton Classes, from iPhone to Apple TV

Take classes on your device, your way.

By Team PelotonUpdated May 5, 2021


At Peloton, we want our Members to have access to all of our fantastic content no matter where they are, with whatever equipment they may have on hand. Here are all the ways to workout with us.

Besides your Bike or Tread, your Peloton membership gets you access to our full range of classes with your phone, tablet, and TV. Take a bodyweight strength class on your TV in your living room, or an energizing outdoor run on your phone with just the right playlist -- there’s so much variety to keep you engaged and exceed your goals.

Phone and Tablet

We know your phone is almost always with you, and that convenience makes it a core part of helping you get more out of Peloton. When it comes to workouts, your phone is great for outdoor running with our audio-only classes. Enhanced features on iPhone allow GPS tracking and running metrics, and you can even measure your heart rate through our app for Apple Watch. Even when you’re not working out, your phone can help you track progress and reach your goals by letting you easily bookmark classes, monitor how far you’ve gotten in a monthly challenge, or plan your next workout with the upcoming schedule.

You can also get all of the same great content and features on a larger screen - Peloton is available on iPad, Android Tablet, and Fire Tablet. Your tablet allows you the flexibility to set up wherever makes the most sense for the workout you want to do, whether you’re sneaking in an early-morning strength session in your bedroom or want to take it outside to meditate with some fresh air. On iPad, it’s easy to use our community features, so you can do things like spot your friends on the leaderboard and give out high-fives.

Learn about Peloton App compatibility on iOS, Android, and Fire tablets.


Designed for an incredibly immersive experience, Peloton also offers workouts on the biggest screen in your home. The TV is especially great for floor-based workouts, and working out with the whole family together. Try yoga, cardio, strength, stretching, or meditation in front of your TV. The Peloton App is now available on Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku TVs and Roku devices, LG Smart TVs, and Android TV, which is installed onto smart TVs from Sony, Phillips, Sharp and more, and included in many AT&T TV set-top boxes. It’s also simple to share the Peloton app from an iOS device using AirPlay or Miracast from your Peloton Bike or Tread, plug an HDMI cable in from your computer, Chromecast from an iOS and Android device, or depending on your TV, you might also be able to stream classes from your TV browser through the web.

Learn about Peloton App compatibility on Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, and Roku.


Peloton can also be accessed via web on a desktop computer or a laptop. This is great for a 5-minute ‘chair yoga flow’ or an energizing meditation session at your desk.