Introducing Our First Adaptive Training Consultant & Future Peloton Instructor, Logan Aldridge

Introducing Our First Adaptive Training Consultant & Future Peloton Instructor, Logan Aldridge

Adaptive classes and product updates to come!

By PelotonUpdated December 3, 2021


Peloton is committed to providing the best, most immersive, and accessible experience for our Members. Everyone has different fitness abilities and ambitions, and we strive to provide a variety of classes and content that allow all our Members to reach their personal goals. Our core values are putting our Members first and empowering people to be the best version of themselves, and we want that to be inclusive of the abilities of all our Members.

To that end, we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Logan Aldridge, our first adaptive training consultant and future Peloton Instructor, to our team at Peloton! Logan brings his extensive knowledge and experience as an active amputee athlete and comes to us as the Co-founder and Director of training at the Adaptive Training Academy, where he leads and develops research-based courses to enable accessible and inclusive fitness training for everyone, regardless of ability.

As an accomplished athlete (he can deadlift 500lb...just saying), philanthropist and professional motivational speaker who has toured internationally, we are thrilled for Logan to bring his unique perspective to how we can empower our Members and community with tools and resources.

In addition to adding Logan to our roster, we are working across Peloton to keep accessibility top-of-mind for our Members. We are investing in product improvements to create inclusive fitness experiences for Members with disabilities such as incorporating Google’s TalkBack screen reader on Bike and Bike+, and establishing ongoing research practices that include Members with disabilities to best serve the needs of our Community.

Our efforts to make our content more accessible continue with Logan consulting the content team and our partners throughout Peloton to define our accessibility offering over the next couple of months. In the future, he will also be joining us as an on-camera Instructor, ensuring we meet our Members with the level of purpose and detail they deserve.

Q&A with Logan

Question: Why is it important to have this kind of conversation in the fitness industry?

Logan Aldridge: My experience in the fitness industry and working with this population has highlighted the barriers to entry. The Peloton platform provides an opportunity for a solution to get this population access and empowerment. I can’t wait to empower Members living with disabilities to discover their potential through connected fitness with Peloton!

Question: What are you hoping to address with your involvement with Peloton?

Logan Aldridge: I don’t see myself as having a disability—I see this as an ability. I am aiming to reduce barriers to entry and work on a massive scale to find the ability for all Members to engage. By shifting perceptions, we have the potential to have no barriers of entry for this incredible community!

We’re so excited for Logan to join the team. Stay tuned for more news on our Accessibility efforts in the coming months. If you have feedback or questions on Peloton’s Accessibility efforts, please feel free to email us:

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