The Story of Peloton Homecoming

The Story of Peloton Homecoming

By PelotonUpdated March 15, 2021


The Story of Peloton Homecoming

In 2021, let’s celebrate together, wherever.

Peloton, you welcome us into your homes. You bring us into your dining rooms and the nooks by your bedside; you bring us onto your screens and into your group chat conversations; you bring us into the precious minutes before the rest of the house is awake, and the last few before you drift off to sleep. This year, we’re coming home once again in a celebration of you—our vibrant Member community. We’re coming home for Homecoming 2021.

For so many of us, Peloton isn’t just in our homes—it is our home. It’s where we find our people through Tags, where we connect with instructors who feel like friends, where we ultimately find ourselves—at the top of a grinding hill, the other side of a max effort sprint or the apex of a peak pose. Homecoming is a celebration of our global Leaderboard, honoring the universal experience that unites Peloton Members across continents. From April 30 through May 2, we’re channeling the energy of the Leaderboard as we invite all four million (and counting) of our Members to come together for a one-of-a-kind house party.

The Peloton tradition of Homecoming, like so many of our most special community moments, was initiated by Members, for Members. Started as the “Home Rider Invasion” weekend with 120 Members in 2016, the event grew larger year after year until over 3,000 Members made the journey to New York City each year for Peloton Homecoming. What remained unchanged, though, was the opportunity throughout the weekend for Members across the world to meet each other for the first time, to take special classes with their favorite instructors and even get the chance to engage with them one-on-one. At every Homecoming past, it’s been abundantly clear that the connections our community fosters via the Leaderboard transcend the virtual space; when we all come together, we feel like old friends.

For this year’s virtual Homecoming celebration, we’re taking the party to exponentially new heights. Our over four million Members are invited to take part in a weekend chock full of all-new classes, exciting feature announcements, live panel discussions, special guest appearances and exclusive content from your favorite instructors. Most importantly, we’re going to create space for you, our Members, to do what you do best as we celebrate all your achievements thus far and the unrivaled power of our community.

Have you RSVPd for this epic weekend yet? Head to to count yourself in for your free spot to take part in an unmissable three days, and receive all Homecoming updates as we get closer to the big weekend. Keep reading to hear from our Members about their favorite memories from Homecomings past—and what they’re looking forward to for this year!

“This year, it’s looking like I’ll safely be able to join my best friend that weekend to celebrate our 40th birthdays (her, April 28 and me, May 1). We plan to dress up every day in our coordinating celebratory Peloton outfits, join the workouts together and, of course, snap pics. We’re bringing all the energy we used to bring to college homecoming weekend (where we met) to Peloton Homecoming, and I CANNOT WAIT.” —Jess H.

“My favorite memory was running the 5K in 2019. That was so much fun. I enjoyed the pre-run warm up with Matt Wilpers, the company of friends as we ran and the instructors cheering at the finish line. Such a wonderful time!” —John M.

“I've never attended, but my husband and I hear so, so many great things about Homecoming! We expect the virtual event will be amazing as well!” —Christine B.

“My favorite memory was spending our 10-year anniversary at Homecoming! We hadn't been on a trip without kids since our honeymoon. We saved every penny, flew my sister down to TX to watch the kids while we flew to NYC for the weekend. It was the most amazing time, I can't even describe. This year is going to be phenomenal!” —Dianne C.

“The studio was electric. Friends from my virtual world materialized. Such a happy time and so fun to get all dressed up and prance around meeting instructors and fellow Members.” —Mae S.